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Precipitate labour

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RumRumRum Fri 08-Nov-19 22:58:47

I had a precipitate labour with my first child which resulted in an unplanned home birth with my husband delivering dd. I have been left with some faecal and urinary incontinence due to the speed of the delivery, and am still receiving treatment for this.
My worry is that people always say that subsequent births will be quicker, and I'm worried about worsening my current injuries/causing new problems.
For those who have had a precipitate labour, how were your subsequent births, were they quicker? I'm seriously considering requesting a c-section for any future pregnancies - has anyone done this, is it a 'good enough' reason?

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Scbchl Fri 08-Nov-19 23:13:05

Hi yeah mine all got faster, 1hr 10 with first. 45 mins with second. With my third I woke in the night with my body involuntarily pushing. Had to rush to hospital panting against it the whole way to try slow it down as my husband would not entertain a home birth (and neither would the consultant when I asked at booking in) as soon as we got there he was born.

I had a sweep 36 hours before I had him when I was 6cm dilated but not in active labour so they still sent me home despite me saying how quickly I had my previous children. If they literally popped my waters hed of been born in minutes. With my second I went from 5cm to having her in 20 minutes.

anitagreen Fri 08-Nov-19 23:35:44

Me to my first was 45 minutes second 15 minutes I'm now due a 3rd soon x

RumRumRum Sat 09-Nov-19 02:56:25

Oh wow that's so quick! My labour was 1hr 15! Were you not petrified of going into labour at any time as you were that quick! Were you given any special advice on what to do once labour kicked in? I think as we had an home birth my husband is very anxious that it doesn't happen unplanned again, as it was very stressful for him until the midwives eventually arrived.

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fallfallfall Sat 09-Nov-19 03:03:33

the ongoing unresolved urinary and bowel injury certainly would be good reason to request a c/s.
but it all depends on the position the baby is in, so occasionally other labors are not so quick.

anitagreen Sat 09-Nov-19 11:25:17

@RumRumRum with this one they've taught us how to deliver a baby incase I go into labour outside or at home my first was back to back so that was really painful, my second I don't think he was but I had no warning I felt period pain for about half an hour didn't hurt at all was just eating some food. Then within 15 minutes I had about 3 big contractions and he was born straight away luckily in the hospital bed. I was thinking of being induced with this one just incase but I don't think they will I'm just hoping it won't be somewhere stupid I go into labour like Asda or the school run shock

mistermagpie Sat 09-Nov-19 12:52:56

I had a precipitate labour with my first baby, I did make it to hospital but only just. The labour was about a hour.

With my second my labour was longer, I went into labour at about 10pm and they broke my waters at 12:05, he was born at 12:20. So it doesn't necessarily follow that subsequent babies are quicker.

I'm due baby number three soon but being induced this time so I'm interested to see how that will go!

RumRumRum Sun 10-Nov-19 17:56:25

Oh that's interesting to know @anitagreen it would be good to at least have some training on what to do if it happened again as my poor DH was in a right pickle with what to do.

Out of interest is it know why some women have really quick labours?

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fallfallfall Sun 10-Nov-19 18:53:46

It’s a combination of your genetics; bone structure of the pelvic opening, musculature, and hormones along with the baby’s bone structure and positioning. Fast labour’s often run in the family (maternal line) but so does bone structure.

anitagreen Sun 10-Nov-19 18:54:48

@RumRumRum it was really good if you speak to the midwife they can talk you all through it too and I have no idea but I'm interested to know why it happens also. I'm really excited now for it to start just hoping I'm indoors and have time to get my water birth this time x

RumRumRum Sun 10-Nov-19 22:08:30

That's interesting @fallfallfall none of the women in my family have had particularly fast labours - I do have wide hips though!

Good luck @anitagreen how long do you have left? I was gutted I didn't get my pool birth too!

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fallfallfall Sun 10-Nov-19 22:10:59

It’s not about wide hips, more about the internal pelvic opening.

anitagreen Sun 10-Nov-19 22:11:30

@RumRumRum Thank you I'm due January 8th but I can see myself getting induced at this rate around 38 weeks as I've had nothing but reduced movements this time around sad what about you?

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