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Newham General

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Jaxxb Thu 09-Aug-07 22:59:22

Does anyone have any experience of this hospital pls?

BlueberryPancake Fri 10-Aug-07 13:35:11

Yes, I have. Have both positive and negative views on it. What would you like to know?
Had my first son there, two years ago. I can go through anti natal and post natal care with you. Let me know what you would like to know!

Jaxxb Sun 02-Sep-07 20:42:41

Hi there sorry its taken so long for me to get back to you!
I'm in the process of trying to decide which East london hospital to go with... I'm registered at Newham at the moment, so any info on pros and cons would be great - thanks v much

BlueberryPancake Mon 03-Sep-07 12:53:54

OK. Ante natal at Newham general, if you are low risk, is alright. You will probably stick to your own midwife at local clinic (I was in Forest Gate so it was the Lord LIster clinic and midwives were really good). The waiting room at Newham Gen is always VERY busy and very hot, and you can wait for hours before seing someone. The administration staff isn't very helpful at all.

For the birth, they were very good I thought. They have a midwifery led unit, and if you can get there (if you are low risk) it looks good. I was high risk and in the med unit, and all the (male) doctors were quite good we thought. It's always touch and go and depends a lot on which midwife you have been assigned, but my midwives were very good. I ended up with an emergency C section and the team was very efficient. Everything was fine in the end.

Post natal is crap to be honest, so the shorter you can stay the better. The wards are cramped, not cleaned very often, midwives overworked and generally rude. I had a very tough birth so was assigned my own room, but generally it's one ward for all, very hot, noisy, smelly (a lot of people bring their own food so you have the smell of any take away under the weather from pizza to curry at any time of day!)

I had second baby at Whipps Cross and they were so much better in many ways ie busy and long waits. Ante natal is similar to Newham Gen but for the birth and post natal was very good. They have a relatively new delivery suite (midwives-led) with large baths in every room, birthing balls, etc etc. But again I was high risk so I had a room in the medical area, which was small, dark and had no loo so I had to walk down the hall in my hosp gown during labour which was very unpleasant. Post natal is much beter, cleaner, better staffed, but the food is actually much worst than at Newham!

One little detail: at Newham General, if you nave a C section, they have all the equipment in the delivery suite to check and dress your baby so baby stays in same room as you all the time. At Whipps Cross, the equipment is in a different room in the surgical suite, so baby was taken away to be checked and weighed which I found very difficult.

Also, Whipps Cross has private rooms and semi-private rooms (private but shared bathrooms) which are relatively expensive but worth it in my opinion.

Let me know if you nave any questions! we could meet up (i now live in wanstead).


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