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Group B Strep antiobiotic in early pregnancy

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MAR77 Tue 13-Aug-19 12:18:55

Hi, I’m 11 weeks pregnant and have just been given the antibiotic nitrofurantoin to treat Group B Strep infection in the urine. I read a lot about this antibiotic and it seems to be perfectly safe during pregnancy.
My only concern is that I’m still in the early pregnancy and would like to wait until I’m 12 weeks pregnant just to be a bit safer. There’s only 1 week left so it probably won’t make much difference waiting.
I read that if bacteria Group B Strep is found in urine ( my case) the antibiotic treatment should be started straightaway. I couldn’t find the reason why it should be started straightaway. Indeed I was advised by the maternity unit to start the treatment straightaway. But I’m hesitant to take antibiotic during early pregnancy.

Is there anyone there who had this antibiotic treatment in the early pregnancy and had a healthy baby?

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