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Pain 9 weeks after birth

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Junebug55 Tue 18-Jun-19 13:17:38

I'm still experiencing pain 9 weeks after delivering my little boy and was wondering if this is normal or whether I should pester the GP about it?

I had a 2nd degree tear and a labial tear on both sides which were stitched up by a doctor. At the time the midwife didn't feel confident stitching me up because of the complexity of the tears (despite having 15 years experience!) So I am a little worried that maybe things haven't been stitched up in the right places!

I would liken the pain to burning/aching/bruising, with the occasional sharp pain more internally. It hurts constantly, more so if I am moving or standing/sitting for long periods. The only time it doesnt hurt is when I'm lying down.

Has any one else ever experienced this? I can't find anything online to suggest what might be causing it or what I could do to ease the discomfort. I hate having to go to the doctors but am wondering whether I should just suck it up and go at this stage!!

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Candycats Tue 18-Jun-19 18:01:15

You sound like me! I'm now 16 weeks postpartum and up until a few weeks ago was in constant pain. I also had a complex 2nd degree tear (plus episiotomy after an emergency forceps delivery), and my pain was also a strong ache with occasional sharp pain inside. Mine also got worse upon standing. I hassled my GP for a referral (despite him basically telling me it was a waste of time - it wasn't) and I've been diagnosed with a bladder prolapse. The consultant wasn't 100% sure that this was causing the pain as apparently it's only a mild prolapse, so I'm going for an ultrasound this weekend and physio after that, but actually the pain has improved over the past few weeks. Definitely hassle your GP - constant pain is hard enough to deal with without looking after a newborn too! Sorry I can't help more, just wanted to let you know you're not alone thanks

Mishappening Tue 18-Jun-19 18:08:14

Sometimes pain from stitches actually gets worse for a while as time goes by - the tissues swell. There is a skilled technique to stitching at the right tension to allow for this.

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