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Early/Latent Labour - How long did it last for you?

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ryanreynolds Sun 16-Jun-19 04:53:14

Clueless FTM here!

I thought latent/early labour phase might have started Friday night but it's definitely here now!

I have lost some/all of my plug and now think contractions are coming every 10-15 mins - sometimes starting in my back, sometimes more like period cramps.

How long did this phase last for you? Trying to get my head around how long this night last for, and when I should ring the birthing unit (clearly not yet but not sure if i should ring when having 3 contractions in 10 mins or before that?!)

Thanks in advance!!

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curiositycreature Sun 16-Jun-19 04:59:38

Am days away now and checked with my MW at my last appt when I should be ringing labour line. I asked if I could call quite early (just to make someone aware really, early labour seems so different for everyone that I was worried I’d want to run through my “symptoms” with someone). She said to ring as early as I wanted for said chat. So don’t be afraid to call them now if you want some reassurance!

The initial/official advice I got was to call “as soon as I couldn’t do it by myself anymore”.

Good luck OP! So exciting for you ☺️

ryanreynolds Sun 16-Jun-19 05:13:21

Thanks @curiositycreature I'm a complete control freak so not knowing what to expect (despite reading ALL of the internet etc!) is quite hard!

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curiositycreature Sun 16-Jun-19 05:17:35

Oh 1000000% with you. I’m 38+5 and have probably learnt over the last week or so that this particular time is a special type of torture!! One of my sisters was in the latent phase for the best part of a week, but I think a few hours is more realistic. Keeping everything crossed for you.

RoseReally Sun 16-Jun-19 05:21:26

My latent phase was long, about 2 days but I went into active labour maybe 5 or 6 hours after losing the plug. I don't know how standard that it is though. Hot bath can help get things moving. Good luck!

TwittleBee Sun 16-Jun-19 05:29:53

Almost a week for me OP but the contractions were really on and off, so I would have a good few hours of regularly contractions but then they'd fizzle out.

Super hope things get going for you a lot quicker.

ryanreynolds Sun 16-Jun-19 05:46:07

Thanks all. Will try a bath @RoseReally thanks for the tip but will let DH sleep a while longer.

Quite exciting/terrifying that I might have a baby today!!

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ryanreynolds Sun 16-Jun-19 09:47:12

Waaah all seems to have stopped since about 7am! Thought it was happening...maybe not after all!!

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curiositycreature Sun 16-Jun-19 11:00:33

I think if you’ve lost your plug you are realistically not too far off.... And if stuff started Friday night. Maybe try and do some walking today to make sure the baby is in a good position?

ryanreynolds Sun 16-Jun-19 11:10:29

Rain has just about stopped here so walking was on my to do list @curiositycreature!

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sh13 Sun 16-Jun-19 13:16:10

One week it lasted for me so draining🙄 x

WhenZogateSuperworm Sun 16-Jun-19 13:18:21

With my first it was 12 hours from first mild contraction to baby being here.

With my second I had 12 hours of painful contractions, then a 48 hour gap, then DD arrived 90 minutes after my waters breaking randomly.

ryanreynolds Sun 16-Jun-19 14:54:12

Oh god @sh13 im not sure I can do this for a week!!

It's a weird feeling, wanting the contractions to get worse and have more pain!!

Could do without DH asking how I am every 10 minutes...!

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DoYouNeedAWee Sun 16-Jun-19 15:01:25

It could take a while, my contractions started on a Saturday evening and baby wasn't born until Wednesday night, was still only 2-3cm Wednesday morning and it had got very painful.

curiositycreature Sun 16-Jun-19 16:43:40

How did you know when things were really progressing DoYouNeedAWee? The proximity and intensity of the contractions?

How far gone are you ryanreynolds? Any progress this afternoon?

ryanreynolds Sun 16-Jun-19 16:52:28

@DoYouNeedAWee did you go to hospital in those days or just sit it out at home? Hospital about 30 mins away and don't want to go in just to be sent home!

@curiositycreature yes things seem to have ramped up this afternoon. Contractions 10-15 mins apart. Going to call the birthing unit when they hit 10 mins and see what they say! Feels like a target to work towards! Bouncing on my ball really helps me instead of just staying still.

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curiositycreature Sun 16-Jun-19 16:53:22

I’m excited for you! Something definitely happening ☺️ Good luck!

DoYouNeedAWee Sun 16-Jun-19 17:27:15

I went twice and got sent home both times because I was only 1-2cm but they kept me in since the Wednesday morning.

My advice would be to sleep/rest as much as possible because the worst thing I found was the tiredness as I hadn't slept properly since Friday night as I wasn't expecting it to take to long.
When things actually started progressing I would describe the pain as being run over by a car across my stomach, if I knew that when I was in early labour I'd defo have tried to sleep more.

DoYouNeedAWee Sun 16-Jun-19 17:28:20

My contractions were also pretty regular 10 mins apart but as soon as I'd get to hospital they'd stop 🤦‍♀️

ryanreynolds Sun 16-Jun-19 18:07:45

Oh no @DoYouNeedAWee I really want to avoid that! Being active seems to help and it felt like everything slowed down earlier when I had a nap but you're right, I should try and sleep if I can...having a bath first and then will see how I feel after that.

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TwittleBee Tue 18-Jun-19 13:40:19

Hope you've had your baby by now 💓

ryanreynolds Wed 19-Jun-19 07:15:28

Hi @TwittleBee baby arrived Monday afternoon eventually...he was a bit of a pain so ended up with an emergency c section. It's just as well he's cute!! Discharged yesterday evening so I'm interesting first night at home last night!

Any signs for you?

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TwittleBee Wed 19-Jun-19 07:45:36

I am glad to hear that everything is going well after what sounds like probably bit of a scary moment with the emergency C-Sec. Did the first night at home go well?

Only 27 weeks still so hoping to hold out for a good while longer but have now had 2 false starts to labour so stressing a bit

Bishalisha Wed 19-Jun-19 07:48:12

First time: about 12 hours
Second time: about 2 hours
Third time: skipped this part and went straight for the grand finale!

Bishalisha Wed 19-Jun-19 07:48:41

Oops that’ll teach me for not reading the full thread! Congrats on your new bundle x

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