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Signs of early labour?

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sh13 Wed 01-May-19 09:41:47

How are you getting on? I’m 35 weeks have the awful pressure like baby’s about to fall out too and lots of cramping but nothing coming and going x

RC000 Tue 16-Apr-19 22:18:31

On evening of due date very regular but mild period pains that gradually got stronger!

Boris100 Tue 16-Apr-19 10:16:11


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Boris100 Mon 15-Apr-19 22:28:56

Just wondering what your first signs of early labour were? I'm 34 weeks and had overwhelming pressure most of the day, but particularly bad tonight. Also have been having build up of BH's the last few evenings. Baby is measuring big and I have extra fluid. I just have a feeling that something is going to start hmmI have history of waters popping with both previous children, last was at 38 weeks.

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