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St Helier or Epsom Hospital

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Rememberallball Wed 06-Mar-19 11:09:50

The biggest difference between St Helier and Epsom is St Helier have a level 3 neonatal unit whereas Epsom only has a level 1 SCBU and doesn’t accept any neonate under 36 weeks so, if you were to go into labour before this time, you would need transferring during labour to another hospital and, depending on bed situation, could end up anywhere!!

Peanut91 Wed 06-Mar-19 09:04:43

I am another who cant recommend East Surrey highly enough. The team there were fantastic when U had my little boy in September

thechease Tue 05-Mar-19 20:25:45

I cannot remark on St Helier but had my first at Epsom in 2016 (just had my second at East Surrey). I am so glad I went to East Surrey this time around. It's worlds apart from Epsom. I would not recommend Epsom. I felt the after care was lacking. A distinct lack of support around breastfeeding and tongue tie identification left me exclusively pumping for 7 months and never able to establish breastfeeding. Especially now comparing to East Surrey it was second rate. Of course it may be different now and I am sure others had a more experience than me but I hope this provides a little insight. Best of luck with everything!

McNick85 Tue 05-Mar-19 13:20:52

Hi everyone, I'm having my first and massively nervous.

I’m not sure if St Helier or Epsom hospital is better does anyone have any recommendations or advice? All a bit overwhelming that I have to decide now.

Thanks xxsmile

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