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Foxys Foxcub Four days later - or another false alarm?!

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foxybrown Tue 03-Jul-07 17:24:04

Not wanting to speak too soon..

Assessed by MW earlier who has predicted kick off at tea time... But I'm thinking slow burner

lulumama Tue 03-Jul-07 17:29:39 on for a live labour thread tonight!!

any contractions yet?

did you have a sweep??

tell me mooooooooorrreeeeeeee

hollyandalice Tue 03-Jul-07 17:38:20

I'm sooooo excited for you foxy! Hopefully your dcs will have a new sister by breakfast!

HOORAY! Hope it is lovely and quick and you can have a home birth, fingers crossed xxxx

Klaw Tue 03-Jul-07 17:45:03

<< hands Lulu some scones, opens flask of hot chocolate, lights Clary Sage, dims lights, settles into rocking chair... >>

Foxy, so glad you started your own thread. Now, do you need any links that we posted to other ladies for gentle reminding or do you remember them all well enough?

Don't pay attention too soon to anything, keep active, don't tire yourself out tho.

I made fruit scones in early labour... << hint hint for the night shift >>

lulumama Tue 03-Jul-07 17:47:42

<<eats an apple, an apricot, and a load of raspberries. no cake for me......hols in a few weeks, am getting monstrously huge !>>

Klaw Tue 03-Jul-07 17:50:35

btw my scan edd was 18/5 and dd turned up on 2/6 so posted on a May board and felt wierd afterwards, didn't know if I should post on the May or the June boards! So can sympathise with you feeling a little left out and on your own!!

Baby will come when good and ready. My great gran always said, "When the apple is ready to fall, the apple will fall"


Klaw Tue 03-Jul-07 17:52:09

<<whispers >> these cyber scones are calorie free, don't you know, Lulu?

foxybrown Tue 03-Jul-07 18:02:07

OK, tea time done, might have to disappear to put lo's to bed!

Had crampy pains all morning - suspicions arose when I could be found cooking a cottage pie at 7am for dinner tonight!

MW came to assess at lunchtime, 2/3 cms. She reckons tea-time, but I think I'll need to get the foxcubs in bed first. DD being very clingy!

Will keep you posted! Fingers crossed that this is it!

hollyandalice Tue 03-Jul-07 18:11:48

Hope the cubs go to bed ok! I've a feeling this is going to be a late night!

<<settles down with triple chocolate ice cream and chocolate fingers (diet is going well!)>>

foxybrown Tue 03-Jul-07 18:26:27

Pah! All this talk about diets! You've just had a baby! Can't you just sit on your arse and eat cake for 6 weeks? That's what I fully intend to do!

daisyandbabybootoo Tue 03-Jul-07 18:29:36

I'm up for a late one too....dd likes to feed non-stop at the moment.

Good Luck Foxy...perhaps DDrealises somethig strange is going on...children can be very perceptive about these things!

<daisy settles on the sofa with a cup of tea and some fruit salad.>

< not being virtuous....fruit salad chews, LOL>

hollyandalice Tue 03-Jul-07 18:30:13

Yeah, I could, but then I'd have to buy some new jeans as I can't quite do mine up yet! I have just eaten a rather large amount of ice cream and half a pack of chocolate fingers, so my good intentions are all in vain really!

How are you feeling? Hope you had something nice to eat. Are your los in bed?

hollyandalice Tue 03-Jul-07 18:30:51

Got any blackjacks daisy?

daisyandbabybootoo Tue 03-Jul-07 18:32:40

<daisy picks out the blackjacks and hands them to holly>


foxybrown Tue 03-Jul-07 18:34:40

I recommend Primarni jeans - very low cut!

Had dinner (such foresight to cook it this morning!)

DD asleep, DP doing boys story. Can feel things building. Am getting snappy and a bit agitated. I don't really know what to do with myself. MW gave me a good sweep, and things are moving on.

hollyandalice Tue 03-Jul-07 18:34:57

I hate liquorice, but love blackjacks...interesting! Maybe it's the 4 year old in me that loves the black tongue effect!

hollyandalice Tue 03-Jul-07 18:36:54

Are you having contractions?

Is your dp staying or is he going to bugger off?

foxybrown Tue 03-Jul-07 18:38:05

He's staying. But not to see the delivery, which is fine with me. Unless I have to go to hospital, in which case he is with me all the way.

foxybrown Tue 03-Jul-07 18:39:22

I'm not having stop/start contractions. Continuous crampyness with waves of more intense pains.

And doing that chicken-walk-leg thing when I move around. That's how I know!

hollyandalice Tue 03-Jul-07 18:41:45

Oooo that sounds good! Have you had a nice big poo?

lulumama Tue 03-Jul-07 18:41:48;re having a a BAAAAABBBBEEEEE!

Tiggerish Tue 03-Jul-07 18:43:12

how exciting

I felt like this with dd - thought nothing of it for ages. Then had a massive contraction followed by a couple more.... She was born after just 45 minutes "proper" labour

Good luck!!

foxybrown Tue 03-Jul-07 18:43:24

I have thanks Holly. But it was this morning.

I blardy well hope so Lulumama!

foxybrown Tue 03-Jul-07 18:44:08

oh, blimey Tiggerish - was hoping for a bit more warning than that

lulumama Tue 03-Jul-07 18:46:28


oops, sorry..shouting

am excited

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