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Burning sensation on skin above c section scar

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Blossom321 Wed 05-Dec-18 09:22:26

I’m exactly one week post ELCS. It was a really positive experience after an extremely traumatic birth with DD1 and I’m really pleased with the decision.

However, in terms of physical recovery, it seems quite up and down. My scar is neat and whilst it felt quite tight on one side for a few days afterwards, that seems to have eased. Instead, at around 6 days post, Ive suddenly developed a searing burning pain on the skin to the right above my incision. It comes and goes (worse on standing/moving) but when it’s there it’s unbearable, it stings so much I can’t really move. Also very painful on that patch in the shower. Is this nerve pain? Will it go?? I’m one week post and still not been out of house apart from midwife appt confused

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Thebookswereherfriends Wed 05-Dec-18 09:29:10

I had similar, not severe, but the skin above the incision was both stinging and partially numb. It did go after a couple of weeks, although I had numb areas for a couple of months. If it’s severe I would get it checked.

Orsy2017 Wed 12-Dec-18 08:47:51

It is just healing. It will come and go for months. Unless it's weeping or smells (!) it doesn't sound like it's infected.
I'm a year on and my c section was botched so I can probably tell you about every minute thing relating to them as I've been through the lot.
It will most likely itch intermittently and fell as though it's on fire. It's the nerves. They grow back at a minute rate so can take many months, possibly years to fuse back together. Unfortunately, some don't and the area remains numb forever. I got feeling back completely after around 9 months which is something but the whole job is a complete mess.

Blossom321 Wed 12-Dec-18 14:13:18

@Orsy2017 so sorry to hear you had such a rough time. It’s all so bloody unpredictable, and hard enough, without botched jobs and additional complications. Thanks for all the insight, I also believe it’s nerves and I know they can take many months. However my Gp also said I have a haematoma above my incision which is making it more tender. That flashing pain is still coming and going as you suggest, but it’s slowly becoming more bearable and I’m more mobile now. I guess I just have to ride it out and hope it gets better and better each week. Thanks for all the help.

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mintich Wed 12-Dec-18 14:32:42

I had this! It went away around 7 weeks after

Orsy2017 Wed 12-Dec-18 14:40:38

It will get better! Promise. I was paranoid at first. My biggest gripe is that I was told I needed the section as there was immediate threat to mine or baby's life. It was awful. I genuinely believed I was going to die.
Turns out that that wasn't the case at all and that it was merely a 'time thing' so they said. Both myself and baby were fine.
I am furious to say the least.
I've a referral to a plastic surgeon due to the damage caused. I still can't open windows without being in pain. The scarring is still red, although flat and is pulling in the middle which is where I have all the trouble. I've had physiotherapy, injections and nothing worked.
It's knocked my confidence for sure. I look like I've been sawn in half.
The 'surgeon' who did it stopped halfway through as his shift was up and handed it to someone else. They were both inept.
All I can say is avoid University Hospital North Durham like the plague. I haven't a good word to say for them and I'm not the only one......
Having said that I refuse to let it change my life. I still cycle 20 miles a day, do pilates twice weekly and have regular 5 mile walks with the pram and baby. It kills me, but I refuse to let it make me unfit as well. That would just make me even more depressed.

laurenluke2017 Wed 12-Dec-18 18:12:59

I'm 8 weeks post ELCS mine was really positive too. Your pain will go by 6 weeks that's how long it took for mine. It's your stitches dissolving inside.

jjomaloney Fri 21-Dec-18 07:46:33

It takes some time but it will improve! It took me a few weeks for the pain to go! But you notice tiny improvements each day x
Mine is still numb now 2 years later!
Congratulations on your little one grin

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