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Royal Sussex County - Brighton

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BrightonMam Thu 01-Nov-18 11:57:01

Hi all

I’m due to give birth in the RSCH in Brighton January - any recent experience?

Don’t worry if bad I need to hear it !

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pandarific Fri 02-Nov-18 18:28:24

I'm overdue at the min but 2 of my NCT friends have recently given birth in BSUH and both have raved about how great the care has been.

- first an unplanned c section, premier baby, the team were apparently fabulous. Post natal ward was noisy and hard to sleep, but otherwise very good.
- second another unplanned c section after induction due to meconium in the waters - again said the drs and midwives were all amazing, and they were very lucky in that they were given a private room. Great support with breastfeeding also

I had to go in for a scan the other day and the midwife was lovely - it's been my general experience that we're incredibly lucky with BSUH, it's one of the best teaching hospitals in the area, and all the mws I've met I've been impressed with. Personally I'm planning a home birth because it felt right for me, we're very close to the hospital and the hb team are the most experienced in the country as the demand down here is so high, but it's reassuring to know how good the hospital is meant to be.

Have you booked on one of the free all day NHS courses? They're great!

Also, mw at the NHS session advised take a taxi to the hospital rather than drive - you don't want to have to be stressing about parking (which is rubbish) and also the maternity unit is up the top and stairs could be an issue. Do a test run so you know where u

pandarific Fri 02-Nov-18 18:28:47

*you're going. And good luck!

BrightonMam Fri 02-Nov-18 21:41:41

Okay thanks !

I was actually born in the hospital and lived here for 40 years but not given birth.

So far, aware of parking and where the level 12 is (although I'm not moaning at you for saying!!) just the given birth bit hehe.

Are you due around Brighton then?

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pandarific Fri 02-Nov-18 23:59:35

You're welcome - I've not given birth there myself as it's my first, but I've not heard any negative stories asides from once or twice a month the delivery suite closes due to being too busy and you get diverted to Hayward's Heath.

1984FS Thu 15-Nov-18 16:44:49

I didn't have the best experience there to be honest with you. I don't want to put all the information on here really, but feel free to message me if you wanted to know more. I've not heard many other bad reviews other than being full at times!

pandarific Thu 15-Nov-18 17:20:33

I’ve now had my baby and did end up giving birth in the hospital so if you’d like to private message me too op that’s fine.

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