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Pain during urination after section

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SamanthaH92 Sat 28-Jul-18 08:23:34

So i had my c section 9 days ago. I've been having pain at the end of urination. It doesn't feel like a uti and I'm on antibiotics anyways, its feels more like inside around my c section scar. I also keep getting shooting pains up my bum which take my breath away. Not all the time though, more when i need to pass wind or need a big wee. I don't remember any of this last time but i know its major surgery and i need time to recover. Has anyone else had or experienced this?

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mavydoes Sat 28-Jul-18 09:33:56


I had this when I had my Gallbladder and gastric sleeve surgery- it can actually be down to ligament strain in the whole lower area but also a UTi from the catheter that was maybe used.

Have you been to the toilet for a BM?

Good thing is your on antibiotics but I would maybe mention to doctor the pain so they can do a test anyway and check everything is ok - a good few things get shifted around so could just be settlement pain.

Hope your feeling better soon.

SamanthaH92 Sat 28-Jul-18 09:37:00

Yes no problem with BM at all 🙈.
I have noticed its more when i have a full bladder but i am very full of wind still 9 days on. I will defiently mention it though. Upon googling it seems quite a common question asked. I'm on quite strong antibiotics so i think if it was a uti they would defiently get rid of it x

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Galaxyteal Tue 31-Jul-18 15:02:08

I had a funny pain and pressure at the end of seeing for a few weeks after, I spoke to the doctor and checked for infection and I was fine, she said because stuff has been moved around in there and bladder been pushed aside to get in your belly the bladder is just getting back to normal. If it is to carry on go back. It stopped around 10 weeks though I still get it now and then when bladder is very full.

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