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please share your C section experiences

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justtheoddquestion Tue 12-Jun-18 09:08:11

Hi, I'm thinking of having a C section. I've been suffering with considerable anxiety about the birth (my first). Both my Mum (pre eclampsia) and sister had traumatic births and I have low PAPPA. The last consultant I saw was very unsupportive. Didn't give me any information just made me feel lazy and like a wimp and tried to talk me out of it. Who's had a caesarean and how was it for you? Straightforward? Did you feel safe? Did it take you long to recover? How long did you stay in hospital afterwards? Giving birth for the first time is scary enough without the medics making you feel bad! I'd appreciate your stories (not judgement). Thanks.

IndieTara Tue 12-Jun-18 09:17:48

Hi mine was emergency not pre planned but it was very scary and an unpleasant experience although not painful.
Recovery was about 6 weeks and I couldn't drive which was a pain with a newborn

ChronicWhimsy Tue 12-Jun-18 13:22:58

Mine was awesome. Breech baby so planned, although waters broke early so technically an emergency in the end - but very calm and serene. I was lucky with recovery. Could shuffle about pretty quickly, and was able to pick DD up off the floor from standing after about ten days. Nothing like the six week recovery people talk about - but i don't think my experience is typical. Experiences vary hugely and I think you may have quite a battle on your hands if your consultant doesn't consider it medically indicated.

Tobentwins Tue 12-Jun-18 13:50:24

Mine was planned as I had twins at 33 weeks as one had stopped growing properly. I was very scared of the process but it was much better than I expected. The nursing staff, anaesthetist and doctor were all lovely and put me at ease. The epidural was strange but not painful as I had expected. I was very uncomfortable afterwards but was able to move around. My twins were in hospital for a few weeks after they were born so I didn't have the experience of having to look after them at home on my own. I was at the hospital all day every day with them though and this was doable. I wasn't able to drive either for 6 weeks. Good luck whatever happens.

ElizabethLemon Tue 12-Jun-18 14:01:44

I’m 12 days post (elective) section after having a straightforward vaginal delivery previously. In all honesty I found the section bloody awful and was terrified throughout. Recovery so far has been standard but I’ve only left the house twice and that was pretty horrible. I’m desperate to get out and spend time with my older child but I can’t. With my 1st it was a little scary but the pain was nowhere near as bad as I had expected and I was up and about a few hours later and getting on with it. I had stitches for a small tear but I hardly noticed.

From my experiences I would hands down choose a vaginal delivery over c section!

Thebig3 Tue 12-Jun-18 14:02:21

I've had 2 sections one planned and one emergency. Also had 2 normal births. So I've definitely got experience of both sides

1st dc - The emergency was fine, you obviously can't feel anything when it's being done. You are in pain afterwards but painkillers help. My recovery was long though.Mainly due to me not taking it easy.

2nd dc - was a 'normal birth' I had an epidural though. I needed stitches but the recovery was so quick compared to the first section.

3rd dc - this was a normal birth but at 22wks where we unfortunately lost the baby.

4th dc - planned section due to dc3. It's very strange knowing exactly when he was going to arrive but all was great. Recovery was a lot better than the first as I really took it easy. By this I mean I didn't lift anything heavy, took it easy for at least 3 weeks before going for walks etc. 6 nths on I am fully recovered and honestly say it was the best birth out of the lot!! In terms of recovery time though dc2 was by far the quickest.

Ultimately you need to do what is right for you. But you must remember that a c section is a major operation and the recovery shouldn't be underestimated at all.

Monkeypuzzle32 Tue 12-Jun-18 14:06:59

I had an EMCS which was still very calm, I really wanted a 'natural' water birth so it was very far removed from that but still they made a great effort to make it relaxed-I had music playing, my DH took photos, they were friendly so I cant complain, but its not to be taken lightly as I was in pain afterwards, I couldn't sit up on my own without rolling on to my side and even then it was hard, I couldn't drive for 6 weeks and my scar got infected, I also had no follow up appointments at all, and I still feel some discomfort when Ive been walking.

Wetwashing00 Tue 12-Jun-18 14:13:18

1st- planned c-section for breech baby.
Organised & relaxed enough. I was expecting ‘painless procedure’ But it was quite different to what I was expecting. A lot of uncomfortable pushing/pressure and tugging. Baby was out within 15 mins. Then my spinal started to wear off and I felt excruciating pain and my whole body started to shake off the bed, I was given morphine whilst they sewed me up. Recovery was not too bad, I went home after 2nights/3days. I was handed laxatives to take home but didn’t think I needed it. Man was I wrong, first poo post op resembled something like a traumatic Labour. I was up and walking about round the shops after a week, I felt ok in myself but I should’ve taken it easy more. The pain from my womb contracting back to normal was manageable.

2nd- planned c-section.
I was offered a Vbac but due to anxiety I opted for another c-section. Organised & relaxed, baby came to the recovery room with me but my blood pressure was too low for quite a while. Discharged after 2nights/3days and this time I took it easy. Walking round the shops on day 4 slowly but I had to rest for 2 days afterwards. Stayed home in a breastfeeding bubble for 4 weeks which was lovely. No killer bowel movements this time, but did need help getting in/out the bath.

CookPassBabtridge Tue 12-Jun-18 14:18:44

I had two sections due to fear of birth, was straightforward to get them and I still feel so happy I had them. The recovery is painful but it's a pain you can gently recover from at home with painkillers and rest, not the chaos and unpredictability of birth. I think my lack of PND is due to me having sections (because it's what I wanted) and I don't have any injuries, incontinence, prolapse etc. This is just my experience!

MaiaRindell Tue 12-Jun-18 14:22:04

Two planned C sections. Totally fine. No drama. No pain. I really didn't enjoy the spinal block but apart from that I'd recommend it.

jimijack Tue 12-Jun-18 14:22:45

1st section for undiagnosed breach, I had a general anaesthetic, knocked out so no recollection of any of it.

2nd section because of pre eclampsia, I was old and quite frankly ready for the knackers yard, was fabulous.
Radio on in the corner, calm, happy affair, I was told the date and time to turn up, stayed in for just under 24 hours, was pushing the pram through the snow taking older child to school the following week too fat and swollen to do up my coat but that gorgeous fresh air was amazing.

Great 2nd experience.

Dinosauratemydaffodils Tue 12-Jun-18 22:25:14

I had my second emcs on Thursday (was meant to be an elective around 5 hours later but dd had other ideas). Discharged Friday, went to pick ds from the in-laws and then to see my dm (150 mile ish round trip plus stops for baby). Went out for lunch and to Messy Church on Saturday with our 3 year old. Went shopping in local city and to Costco on Sunday and then went for lunch, to register dd and then to see the in-laws yesterday. Spent today in only because we were waiting for the midwife.

I'm not in pain, dh has actually hidden the pain killers I was discharged from hospital with because last around I was a suicidal mess and my mood drops horribly when my milk comes in (he would obviously give me some if I wanted).

I have no numbness across my stomach and the mess the junior doctor made of the cannula attempt hurts 10x more than any pain or discomfort I've felt from my wound.

Last time around recovery was virtually identical even though ds was a much longer labour, failed forceps and then an emcs.

First emcs was a bit of a car crash but this time was amazing even though it was the middle of the night and I was terrified due to what happened last time. I watched the whole thing (don't look at the lights if you are squeamish) and they lowered the curtain completely when she came out. They let the cord pulse for a bit, cut it and then the midwife rubbed her down right next to us and put her straight on my chest. I think she was about 4 minutes old if that when she arrived on me wearing only a hat. She stayed there the whole time we were in theatre with her checks/vitamin K etc done in recovery. We also got a guided tour of the placenta which we could have taken home had we wanted to.

After ds, I was never having another child, after dd, I'd absolutely have another.

hopeyclay92 Wed 13-Jun-18 06:37:23

I had an elective c section on Thursday (5days ago). It was my 3rd baby, first two children I delivered naturally, both labours where pretty fast and straight forward but both times found labour scary and so painful! I hate how unpredictable labour is and the contraction pain is awful. Both times I fractured my coccyx during delivery and also needed stitches. First time I was cut, second time I tore slightly. So because of the previous coccyx injury, which still hurts me now from delivering my son almost 3 years ago, I opted for an elective. It wasn't easy to get but I managed to and it wasn't nearly as bad as the consultants and midwives made me think.
On the day I was scared but everything ran smoothly, didn't love the spinal as they couldn't get it in the first few times so I started to panic but they got it in eventually. The recovery hasn't been bad either. I was discharged from hospital after 48 hours, I then went out for breakfast and into town yesterday (4 days after op) and did the school run this morning and this afternoon! Yes I'm sore but nothing like they tell you!
I will say though that the first time getting out of bed really painful but once that's out the way every time after is easier and easier.
For me personally I much preferred the c section, have felt generally a lot better in myself and didn't have any of the unpredictable birth. My recovery has been really fast and I'm not going to be suffering from long lasting conditions due to vaginal birth like I have done in the past for years to come!!

DuggeeHugs Wed 13-Jun-18 19:23:40

DC1 was an EMCS after 5 days of failed induction. It was a brilliant delivery and it felt so good to finally feel safe and in control once we were in theatre. Was home 48 hours later. DH and I agreed at the time that if we ever had another we'd opt for a section.

DC2 was an ELCS almost two years later, this time home in 24 hours. It was another really lovely experience.

Recoveries were ok. Painful for one week, uncomfortable for a second week, largely normal from third week onwards. No problems beyond 4 weeks.

With DC1 the induction was going so badly from my perspective that I finally refused any further intervention. They still sent in the head of midwives at 5am to try and convince me not to have a CS in case I felt like I'd "missed out" and then the consultant to ask if I'd let him try his "magic fingers". With DC2 the best the consultant could come up with was "don't you want to feel like you've tried?". My point to all three was that the only aim of my pregnancies was getting baby and me through safely, not the delivery experience. Trying to push a baby out with little to no chance of success just so I could try for an 'amazing experience' which couldn't be guaranteed sounds as illogical now as it did then. I didn't want to feel like I'd tried, I wanted to know I'd succeeded. For me, that meant CS. We didn't know until during DC2s delivery that our decision saved her life - on getting her safely out of my womb the surgeon told us she almost certainly wouldn't have survived a VB. If we ever do this again, my choice will be CS.

Lemonsherberts Wed 13-Jun-18 19:30:15

Hi op,
No experience as I’m currently pregnant with my second and I want an elective cs after the horror of the first.
Can I ask how the consultant left it with you? Is he making you come back at a later date to discuss again?
I’m scared they are going to be dismissive with me also.

Monkeypuzzle32 Wed 13-Jun-18 21:12:19

why doesn't the OP ever come back on these sort of threads? I'm going to stop sharing my experiences.

LMMontmomery Wed 13-Jun-18 21:26:10

I'm watching this thread intently as am booked to have an elective on Tuesday with my first baby due to baby being breech, it's good to hear so many positive experiences. smilesmile

Sparklingtastesgood Fri 15-Jun-18 12:37:35

I've had 2 csect, emerg for first and elec for second. They were both great during. Expected horendousness with the emergency but it was amazing. Spinal was fast working, baby was out really fast and curtain down so I could see. Similar 2nd I had epidural though which took longer to work. I recovered well with each, though felt better quicker with the first- this maybe because I didn't have kids to run around after. The hospital staff explained as they went and I felt reassured knowing they were telling me what was happening.
I had a normal delivery before the emergency and that was as good as a Labour could be. 1st baby- woke up at 6.30am laboured all day, Had her at 2am next day after over an hour of pushing with gas and air (good stuff). Felt anxious about going to the hospital so didn't go until contractions were 4 mins apart lasting a minute at 9.30pm. Staff were all lovely on delivery ward and we laughed and joked in between contractions. At one point I went to bite my husband's finger....... then realised what it was I was biting and started laughing hysterically. Had and air had taken effect lol.
Either way, you are stronger than you think and you do get an amazing prize for the day you've had. Good luck. Xx

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