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VBAC-terrified of it not being successful

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kiabella Mon 02-Apr-18 08:42:49

Just wondered if anyone had been in a similar situation. I am 35 weeks with my second and starting to get very anxious about the birth.
With my first I had an elective c section as she was breech and big so was advised that turning her might not work.
I know a lot of people talk really positively about electives, but for me I found it very traumatic for various reasons.
I am really really hopeful of a vbac this time, I was meant to have a consultant appointment on Thursday but it was cancelled and rearranged for this coming Friday. I feel so scared about the possibility of another section, the thought of having another one makes me want to cry. I need to try and get myself at least open to the possibility that it could happen but I have no idea how, my brain won’t let me even entertain the idea.
When I was first pregnant I just thought “this baby will be head down, of course I’ll be able to have a vbac” but now we are getting closer and I know he’s back to back, I know I’m likely to labour like a first time mum, can’t be induced with pessary only by breaking my waters, can only go 6 days overdue before they suggest c section...I really feel like lots of odds are stacked up against me. My midwife has suggested requesting sweeps at 38 weeks but they may not work if baby isn’t ready yet.

Sorry I know I’m rambling now...

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kiabella Mon 02-Apr-18 15:21:57


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YearOfYouRemember Mon 02-Apr-18 15:26:31

Hi, I had a VBAC after an emergency section. It went okay but I had a retained placenta as the midwife pulled the cord and of course it snapped hmm. I lost a few hours with dd as I waited for a theatre to become free to have it manually removed. Was horrible. I have since heard that retained placentas sometimes happen in subsequent births after c sections. I never heard it since so I'm not sure.

I then had another vbac, after baby was turned in my lounge shock. DO NOT ever have this procedure anywhere but a hospital. This birth went less smoothly as my scar nearly ruptured and we both nearly died but DS was okay eventually but I was advised to not have more children.

LiteraryDevil Mon 02-Apr-18 15:35:46

Hi there, deep breaths, you can do this! I had a section for my dd2 as she was an undiagnosed breech. My dd1 was a planned home birth which was lovely albeit extremely painful but I did it with just gas and air and a tens machine. When I got pregnant with dc3 I was scared stiff of being made to have another section as I found the section horrendous and the pain and infection afterwards were dreadful. The vaginal birth was so much better despite the 2nd degree tear. I decided I wanted another home birth for dc3 and had to fight a bit to get one but he was indeed born at home and all was fine. I think the best plan is to arm yourself with as much info as you can from the midwife and credible sources about vaginal birthing. Knowledge is power. My two home deliveries were both back to back presentations and I had severe spd and was in crutches and managed just fine on gas and air. Yes it's painful, extremely so, but completely achievable. The best advice I ever took was to remain upright and not flat on my back. I didn't get chance to rest between contractions as they started 5 minutes apart and just ended up on top of each other. I'd also suggest a doula if you can afford one. I just had my mum and the midwife but have heard they are great. Just remember that the female body is designed to give birth and have been doing it for thousands of years.

123bananas Mon 02-Apr-18 15:59:49

I tried vbac after an emcs with dd1.

It didn't work out due to head position on descent into the pelvis, but I laboured at home with just TENS until my waters went and was 10cm and pushing when I arrived. I felt calm and in control, I knew what to expect. I was home 24 hours later, great recovery as not so much intervention as with the first cs. Bonding and breastfeeding so much easier second time around. For me it was a positive experience compared to my other two csection births.

Have a look at Spinning Babies OP lots of info on exercises to help position your baby.

You are not a first time Mum. Your pelvis has already had another baby sitting in it before all be it breach position. Your body has generated those hormones before. You know yourself better. You know what a theatre is like if it does get to that stage. You know what it is like to have a newborn. It is not all stacked against you. You can also refuse or accept treatment options as you wish, it is your body.

LadyPug Mon 02-Apr-18 19:18:55

Also look at hypnobirthing, I think it makes a massive difference!

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