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Any C-Section stories?

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Starlive22 Wed 14-Mar-18 13:59:04

I'm booked in for a c section Monday for my first baby! Although I was warned early I might be advised of a c section we didn't actually know until yesterday.

I trust my Dr knows what's best, but it seems whenever I look for stories of c section it's either bad stories or people telling others not to have them and to ignore Dr etc and the natural way is best.

I'm a bit nervous, but would have been even if I was just being induced normally like I thought was going to happen, just wondering what to expect in a way, and if it really feels as weird as people say!

SoundofSilence Wed 14-Mar-18 14:22:42

I had an emergency C-section because DS2 was transverse. It was a little odd - I could feel pulling but no actual pain - and I felt really sick at one point when my blood pressure dropped, but overall it was a positive experience. I was a little disappointed I couldn't see what made everybody laugh (apparently he came out arm-first like superman) and that he came to me already wrapped up like a burrito and I couldn't hold him properly, but both are tiny niggles which barely figure in the scheme of things.

Bigger issues were not being able to pick him up myself in the ward afterwards and my milk coming in late, even though I had him on the boob while I was still in recovery in anticipation of the problem. He needed a formula top-up and if I hadn't had a really good breastfeeding experience with DS1, that might have dented my confidence. I had to pump a certain amount of milk before they would let me go home and once I was home it was fine.

Evelynismycatsformerspyname Wed 14-Mar-18 14:29:33

I've had an emergency section and 2 planned sections.

Emergency section was scary and didn't go well (very busy hospital, early hours of the morning).

Planned ones totally different, a million times better, calm, civilised, mid morning, all relevant staff had slept and were not frazzled, went very well.

The worst thing is not being able to get out of bed on your own to go to the toilet or shower the next day, and struggling to pick your baby up. I had a little cosleeping circular cot attachment on my hospital bed with the planned sections and it made all the difference - after the emergency section I was fastened to the bed with drips, drains and catheter and couldn't physically get to DD in her traditional hospital cot when she cried. That was almost worse than fear and confusion of the emergency section itself.

Planned sections are fine and better than risking an emergency one if labour is unlikely to go successfully.

Waitingonasmiley42 Wed 14-Mar-18 14:34:00

I've had emcs and elcs. The elcs was lovely!! I honestly didn't believe that was possible but it was. Everything was very calm and controlled. Recovery was pretty easy too and I was up and showering myself 6 hours after. My biggest advise is to keep as active as you safely can. With my emcs I was in hospital for another week and didn't move much which made recovery so much longer/harder.

Dinosauratemydaffodils Wed 14-Mar-18 14:40:43

Second @Waitingonasmiley42's advice on keeping active. I've only had an emcs under rather dodgy circumstances but recovery was 1000x easier than I had been led to expect. I was up and dressed by myself in around 5 hours and walking to NICU within 24 including stairs.

Abkbjbjb Wed 14-Mar-18 14:43:22

I had an emergency section after failed induction with ds1-I was just so relieved in the end that he was coming out....didn't care how!! Nurses helped that first night that I was bed ridden, they lifted him in and out for me to feed. Stayed in a couple of days. I was tender for about a week but no problems with recovery.
I opted for planned section with my second and it was awful compared to my first bizarrely!! My spinal didn't take for the second....they were about to give me a general but I persevered and felt everything as I didn't want to be knocked out. It was hell....14 staples going in at the end nearly finished me off but I just kept reminding myself that once it was over I was family was complete and wouldn't have to go through it again!
My recovery was worse after my planned aswell-wound infected etc.
Just 2 very different of those things

Starlive22 Wed 14-Mar-18 15:02:51

Lots of different experiences! Thanks so much for sharing, @Abkbjbjb you sound like you've been through a nightmare! Guess there are risks as with everything, but seems like the risks of surgery outweigh the risks of VB for me.

Glad to hear people saying that some of the planned c sections were quite chilled, that's made me feel lots better.

Stupid as it sounds I've never had any kind of operation at all in my life so I'm a bit anxious!

Tailfeather Wed 14-Mar-18 15:09:46

I had a c-section for my first (and only) baby and it was great! I felt very looked after, it was all very dignified, and I was up and about within hours.

Evelynismycatsformerspyname Wed 14-Mar-18 15:50:11

Starlive the risk of VB includes the risk of an emergency section - obviously it's usually a small risk, but presumably if you've been advised to have a section by an obstetrician your risk of a VB ending in emergency section is above average.

The main reason I agreed to have a planned section with dc2 (apart from the assurance he'd be around 11 lb, which he wasn't) was that the thing I wanted to avoid at all costs was going into labour spontaneously in the middle of the night, but ending up with another emergency section in non ideal circumstances, as had happened with dc1.

Obviously a trouble free VB is the ideal scenario, but if you've been advised to have a section the risks of a VB for you must be higher than average.

Starlive22 Wed 14-Mar-18 16:13:45

@Evelynismycatsformerspyname yeah, I've got a weird kidney disease which I won't bore you with, can't have meds while pregnant but makes my bladder swell so my Dr thinks that despite catheterisation the bladder is likely to obstruct the baby's descent into the birth canal which can lead to cord prolapse and other issues. It's really rare so they haven't got much to go on but based on what she has got to go on she thinks it's just less risky.

The baby also seems to be huge at 10lbs at 38 weeks (I'm a bit skeptical about this but I suppose all they have to go on is the scans, but she seems big-ish at least)

Plus I've got polyhydramnios (too much fluid)!

That's it though I promise haha!

INeedNewShoes Wed 14-Mar-18 16:18:12

I had a planned c section due to DD being footling breach. It was a wonderful experience! Calm, organised, not painful and thanks to a fab theatre team there was a really positive atmosphere! DD arrived and I was able to just focus on her and enjoy meeting her.

It was such a positive experience that I feel wary about having a vbac for any possible baby No. 2 as it can't possibly live up to my c section experience!

And I say all that as someone who was really really disappointed to be cornered into having a c section in the first place.

scrivette Wed 14-Mar-18 16:37:29

I had an emergency section after footling breech DD decided to try to arrive before planned section.

The actual birth was a really positive experience, although I was surprised at how much it hurt when I got up the next morning for a shower.

I would say to try and be active gently (walk to the loo, have a shower, get a cup of tea etc) but to take it very easy.

My recovery was much slower than I expected, but possibly because I was trying to do too much as I have 2 other DC's.

Best of luck.

VioletteValentia Wed 14-Mar-18 16:40:01

I had a cesarean by choice. I’ve actually made a thread about it and there are loads of positive stories on there.

Anyway I loved it. Easy quick and painless.

Starlive22 Wed 14-Mar-18 17:15:21

Thanks @VioletteValentia lots of good stories. Still, lots of people opposing it...kind of odd I think people seem to get really up in arms about it, like it's some kind of taboo subject. I'd never given it any thought before I was pregnant I must admit!

So so pleased I posted this, feeling much more confident. Still anxious, but getting there.

Having my pre-op meeting on Friday! So excited and nervous!!

callmekitten Wed 14-Mar-18 17:30:55

I had a planned section for health reasons...It was not considered safe for me to go into labor. I found it really frustrating that nearly all info I found about C-sections really tried to persuade against it. I prefer not to endanger my life or the life of my baby, thanks anyway.

My section went fine. Nothing of concern. I did have to supplement DD with formula the first week but then she was fine with just breastfeeding. Moving about afterwards can be a little difficult as engaging the stomach muscles can pull on the incision but it's no big thing if you are careful.

Tailfeather Wed 14-Mar-18 18:23:24

I had mine for health reasons too. The last on our NCT course made me feel so guilty about it and when she talked about c sections she made it sound really scary. Out of 7 of us, I had an elc, 4 others had ems following long painful labours and 2 had horrific births, one of whom is still having surgery down there due to the damage done and is trying to sue the hospital! So I have no regrets whatsoever! I did what was medically right for my baby (and me) and had a much more pleasant experience than any of my NCT buddies!

mommybear1 Wed 14-Mar-18 18:33:59

Please don't worry everyone is different as yours is a elcs rather than emergency I expect you will find the whole thing very calm and relaxed not rushed or frantic. In terms of recovery I was really surprised at how quickly I was up and about save that I would say keep taking the painkillers my pfb was in neo natal so I spent my time there which meant I missed medication times I thought I was ok till I started walking back to the ward wondering why it was uncomfortable hmmhaving the meds regularly meant that the recovery was quicker and less painful. I was driving after 4 weeks but frankly could have done so after 2. I made sure to follow the aftercare advice plenty of air to the incision site, kept it clean and dry and I avoided any infection they did slightly overstitch/ double stitch on one side and whilst it was red and slightly lumpy at first it's healed beautifully now I also started using bio oil as soon as I could which I think has helped. One tip is to use a very thin sanitary towel folded on the scar at first to take any sweat etc away and help keep it dry. Best of luck OP and enjoy your time with the baby cherish it - it goes too quickly!!! Xx

Starlive22 Wed 14-Mar-18 19:42:21

@Tailfeather I had the same reaction from a work colleague when I text her to mention it, she came back with all this stuff about how she was told to have one and didn't and not to trust Drs as they lie......didn't really know what to say!! Either way it seems that she has lost some respect for me somehow and I just wanted a bit of reassurance that I'm not a monster!

And good of course to get advice from BTDT mums!

Obsidion Wed 14-Mar-18 20:27:17

I've had three C-Sections. The first was an emergency which I won't give you the details of as it's not pleasant and not relevant.

The second was planned. It was lovely, everything was very chilled. I played my own music in theatre, my husband cut the cord. Everyone was very happy and relaxed. The worst bit was waiting on the day - I had been told I was first on the list, but then they didn't have any of my (rare) blood in, so I ended up being last and not done until the afternoon (despite arriving at 7am).

They take you into the room and do the spinal, for me this is the worst bit as needle phobic, but they were very patient and talked me through it. Then once they are sure you are all numbed up they can begin. Getting baby out was pretty quick. They showed him to me, and brought him right up to my face. Then they stitch you all back up, it doesn't hurt but it does feel very strange. You go to recovery for a bit, then back up to the ward. I had a catheter in until the next morning. Next morning I got up out of bed and a had shower. Very important to get moving early and stand up straight. I wasn't in much pain at all to be honest. I recovered quickly and easily.

My third was also planned but I went into labour before the day! So that ended up as an emergency also. I was home less than 48 hours later and by the two week mark felt back to normal.

The worst but afterwards is when people make you laugh or you need to cough.

Liz38 Wed 14-Mar-18 20:37:15

I had an emcs after a failed induction. Tbh I didn't know much about it because after 20odd hours of labour and shipping every drug on offer i wasn't really with it! I got what i most wanted, safe delivery of DD. It was fairly late in the day, she went to NICU overnight so I had the night to recover. The shower the following morning was grim and I was shuffling around hunched over for a couple of days and taking painkillers for a couple of weeks. However, I've got friends who had much worse damage after VBs. We never managed to establish breastfeeding but DD had a tongue tie and no interest in bf and i had no milk (which might account for her lack of interest). All in all it was the right move for us because in all probability one of us at least wouldn't have survived without the section. I wish I'd had a VB but I didn't and I've certainly got no issues as a result.

If it's what you need then find the positives, there really are some! Good luck with it all.

IdblowJonSnow Wed 14-Mar-18 21:14:48

My elcs was great. Very calm and all went to plan. I was last in but was told that as I was the lowest priority out of the three of us booked in. They talk you through everything so no surprises/shocks. By the way - no one else has mentioned this - I asked if I could just shave some pubic hair off rather than all and they agreed and said no need to do the whole lot. So just do the top inch or two? I was up and about in the shower the next day and home on 3rd day. Was numb and tingly on and off for about a year but not painful. Hope it goes well!

Starlive22 Thu 15-Mar-18 10:10:57

This might sound like a stupid question so apologies if it is, what happens with the actual scar? Do they put a dressing on it and then you go back and get it changed? Or does the midwife change it in hospital? I assume you can't get it wet to start with?

I suppose they will probably tell me all about it!

Dinosauratemydaffodils Thu 15-Mar-18 10:28:57

My midwife went over the procedure with me at my last appointment because given what happened with my emcs, I have a lot of anxiety about a repeat.

Here they stick a giant bandage on it and it's taken off 5 days later by the community midwife at your house. Pretty sure you can get it wet because last time they gave me towels and pointed me in the direction of the shower as soon as I could stand up.

VioletteValentia Thu 15-Mar-18 10:30:18

I had a dressing for a week. My midwife checked it at home and then took it off.

I was told not to get it too wet.

Starlive22 Thu 15-Mar-18 13:20:21

That's kind of what confused me! It says in the leaflet she gave me not to get it wet but then on the next page it says to have a shower once you feel able to be up and about!

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