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Midwide doesn't check cervix at a 39 weeks emergency check up

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tilda0 Thu 22-Feb-18 11:44:02

I'm at 39 weeks, had a rough night, feeling very achy all over my body and nauseous. We called the midwive in the middle of the night and they asked me to come for a check up this morning. The midwife checked my urine, blood pressure and belly. That's it. Isn't it weird? I wish she checked my cervix. My mum never had contractions when she was pregnant...But according to the midwive there is no genetics theory.
Now I am feeling ok, my belly is just sensitive.

What do you think?

ps: I'm in Sweden.

MrsJoshDun Thu 22-Feb-18 11:47:05

you need regular contractions to make any change to your cervix. 99.9% of people will notice these. Being achey and nauseous is not going to make your cervix dilate.

mayhew Thu 22-Feb-18 11:50:32

No need to check the cervix, if all the other checks are normal. If you are in pre labour, it won't make any difference to your care at this point. The only time I might consider it would be if I suspected premature labour.

BadlyParkedRangeRover Thu 22-Feb-18 11:52:18

No, absolutely normal. Unnecessary examinations are an infection risk.

tilda0 Thu 22-Feb-18 11:55:35

Thanks for your opinions! @BadlyParkedRangeRover @mayhew @MrsJoshDun
Now I don't feel angry anymore smile

mayhew Thu 22-Feb-18 12:34:53

Good luck for active labour!

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