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Elcs or natural labour after 4th degree tear?

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Smurfsrock Tue 20-Jun-17 17:12:05

Hi all. I'm pregnant with no 3, due early October. I have had 2 natural births, episiotomy with DD (who was 10lb) then a small 4th degree tear thanks to DS, who was a solid 10lb 10oz. I've never had any further follow up after the tear, but have no issues other than not always knowing when I'm going to fart blush
OB who repaired my tear last time said evidence was still 50:50 on whether there was a need to have a elcs after a 4th degree tear. I haven't met with her yet to discuss it this pregnancy so am just after some opinions! I really don't want a CS. I have very little help after birth (no family around, DH works long hours and can't take time off then) so CS recovery and no driving would be a nightmare. I'm not scared of natural delivery at all, previous 2 have been relatively quick and easy, as was my recovery. BUT there's a niggling voice in my head worrying that if I tear again, I might not recover so well either.

Any experience (especially positive ones) would be much appreciated!

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DovahBee11 Wed 21-Jun-17 21:23:56

Thanks for posting this! Watching with interest. 2nd degree tear with dd1, 4th degree with dd2 who was 8lb 12 (naturally occurring tears both times, wasn't cut and no instruments involved, just one of those things) Now 8 weeks pregnant with #3 and this had been on my mind. Was told at a perennial clinic 3 months pp after the 4th degree tear that I'd automatically be a c section birth due to the severity of the tear. I've healed well all in all, no pain or incontinence. Also would rather go through vaginal delivery if it's safe to do so and there won't be bad repercussions. Hoping someone with more knowledge can help out

Tchoutchou Wed 21-Jun-17 22:11:18

If you get no luck here, you can try this FB group: Birth Tear Support (Severe Birth Tears)

Or the Birth trauma association

Tchoutchou Tue 27-Jun-17 06:51:26

Article today about anal sphincter injuries (--in b... Daily Mail--)
It sites a FB group called Birth Injury Mamas and a foundation called Masic Foundation

Ebony12 Tue 27-Jun-17 18:38:24

I saw that article today in the DM and it terrified me as I'm a first timer 38 years old which doesn't well but after further research I would like a water birth in fact I did mention to my MW but as I'm 29 weeks now I guess this will be discussed at my next appointments - I have read that some women don't tear at all when having a water birth but obviously other factors would have contributed to that as well I'm sure.

Babybeesmama Tue 27-Jun-17 20:45:09

I wonder if it was the size of your baby that caused 4th degree? Maybe there's an compromise to be induced early so no3 doesn't get so big?

I had second degree first time & 3rd degree second time.. am 38 weeks with no 3 & going for nvd hopefully! Not sure if it's same with 4th degree but I was told if no current problems from tear to go for normal delivery xx

Smurfsrock Wed 28-Jun-17 16:29:09

Thanks Tchoutchou! I've been avoiding FB groups as FB likes to encourage your friends to join the same groups as you... Not sure I want everyone knowing about my damaged undercarriage! But the web site looks good grin

Babybeesmama it was his shoulders that did the damage, just a solid boy (not even his gigantic head!) So would probably have to go pretty early to avoid. And I'm not keen on induction anyway. I was really hoping for a homebirth this time but that might be too risky anyway!

Ebony12 that was my hope too, water birth to soften everything and reduce risk? Go for it if you can!

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