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DemiRosamummyof2 Thu 11-May-17 10:49:55

Hello everyone,

I am expecting baby number 2 due the 19th of June. grin!
Last year I had my first boy ( I know 15 month age gap I'm crazy lol) the labour was fine, I remained calmed even though he was back to back. I ended up in surgery, I was cut and had forceps. After my son was born a pocket of blood formed causing a Haematoma which grew so large I almost died. The pain I experienced during this time was like no other, I would of happily given birth to a football team instead. The Midwife's assumed I was having an allergic reaction to the pessary as the pain was in my bottom. I could feel the clot growing and I was trying to explain but the pain took over my body and I was just asking my partner and my parents to kill me. I screamed for 1 hour begging for help until my body couldn't take the pain anymore and I had a fit. I was rushed into surgery and the clot was lanced. I was in hospital for 10 days with my first ever new born baby and I was very ill. My son also caught group b strep from me so as you can imagine it was a real horrible time for myself and my partner, I suffered with post natal depression and also post traumatic shock syndrome. I started to feel better in myself, going out with my son and really enjoying being a mother and thought I want another one! So we did, now I am coming towards the end of my pregnancy and I've begged for a c-section. I have nightmares, panic attacks regularly at the thought of going into labour naturally which is such a shame as I enjoyed labour in a weird way. I was just wondering if anyone has had an elective section before? Or even a Haematoma?
Thanks in advance ! smile xxx

KateSMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 14-May-17 11:17:48

Hullo OP - we're just going to move this to right section for you.

RuthB4 Sun 21-May-17 13:08:29


God it sounds like you had an horrific ordeal!! I'm not surprised you're feeling so anxious!!
I had an emergency c-section with DC1 and two weeks ago had an 'elective' c-section e with DC2 (i hate the term elective as i was actually told i couldn't have a VBAC).

What was it you wanted to know? The elective caesarean was a really positive experience. It's a bit weird and disconcerting if I'm really honest, but everyone is so kind and i felt in very safe hands.

Have you been told you can have a caesarean this time?

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