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Episiotomy - HELP

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fabianafdelgaudio Tue 14-Feb-17 16:27:36

Hi all, hoping that someone can offer some reassurance.
I had my little prince 2 weeks ago today, due to complications in labour/ birth I ended up having to have a faucets delivery and an episiotomy.
The doctor who stitched me up (sorry to be crude!) knotted the stitches on the outside (two midwives have said they'd normally be on the outside as it's less painful).
My midwife came out to see us on Friday and took a swab to check for infection as they were very swollen (she also said the stitches are very tight and pulling on my skin).
Over the weekend they've become LESS painful and I've noticed a couple have come out in my knickers (again apologies TMI)
I went to the midwife today - to get the result of the swab, thinking it wouldn't come back with infection.. it has?!
My GP wasn't answering the phone so don't have a prescription for

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