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Gestational Diabetes and Homebirth

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1973magpie Tue 20-Feb-07 20:21:08

Hi,has anyone got any experience of having a homebirth with gestational diabetes?

If not, can anyone tell me about their birth / labour experiences having gd please?


foxabout2pop Tue 20-Feb-07 21:03:01

Magpie - I haven't but just wanted to pop in to say I hope you get lots of responses

Toady Tue 20-Feb-07 21:08:39

Here's some good information Look under contents then You can't have a homebirth because

sarflondon Tue 20-Feb-07 21:15:43

Magpie I had gd in my last pregnancy and was advised to have a hospital birth as the baby was likely to be bigger and so that my blood sugar could be monitored throughout labour. I was transferred to a specialist midwifery practice.The advice at the time 4 years ago was to ensure labour was induced by no later than 39 weeks if labour did not start spontaneously. I am not sure whether this would apply to you but they were concerned about changes to my placenta. The labour was fine and he took to bf really easily. I was reassured to be in hospital though as the first midwife I was assigned to did not seem very confident about dealing with gd. The gd went away and I have to have yearly blood tests but keep my weight down and exercise a lot and should be at no greater risk of developing diabetes. Good luck

margo1974 Tue 20-Feb-07 21:20:30

Had GD with both pgs

Became insulin dependent

Induced at 38 weeks for both

DD1 - only needed waters broken
Had G&A and epi
She was delivered by ventouse
she weighed 7lb 10oz

DD2 - Had pessary & waters broken
had epi
She didn't need any assistance
She weighed 7lb 12oz

I was very upset when I was diagnosed as I knew my plans for a water birth had gone out of the window. I had to have an insulin drip to maintain my bloods sugars and test every hour during labour.

But they were very good births and they're both healthy girls.

I hope that your labour is just as good

1973magpie Tue 20-Feb-07 22:01:36

Thanks for the quick replies

I am currently 36+6 weeks, and was really hoping for a home water birth, but am having to rethink my plans

I am managing to control my gd by diet alone still, but DD1 was 9lb 1oz (and I didn't have gd), so was expecting to have another biggie anyway!

Toady - that's a great site isn't it? I have read all the information there, and it is one of my main reasons for believing that a homebirth is possible. I just don't know if it's a good idea any more...

I have been told by my consultant and diabetologist that the main concerns are shoulder dystocia (due to large baby) and hypoglyceamia in the baby after birth.

So now I am starting to doubt my conviction that home would be best, as obviously I want the best for the baby as well as me .

hertsnessex Tue 20-Feb-07 22:13:14

They think i had gd, ds2 was 7lb 13.5oz at 36wks! labour was fine, easier than ds1 and no tearing, and ds1 was 2lb smaller.


boredwithwaitingforminiMOSSY Wed 21-Feb-07 08:29:44

Magpie, no experience but just wanted to wish you luck.

hertsnessex Wed 21-Feb-07 09:19:48

You dont have to make a decision until your in labour though, have a bag packed for the hospital (advisable in a HB anyway) and labour at home for as long as you feel confortable, then transfer in if/when you want to.

Good luck. I am on call for a homebirth right now and cant wait!


1973magpie Wed 21-Feb-07 12:45:16

Thanks Mossy

Hertsnessex, that's my plan

I have just had a meeting with my midwife and her supervisor, and they both seem ok with me carrying on planning a homebirth, which is great

The supervisor wants me to go up to the hospital again next week and have another growth scan and see the consultant, but I feel a lot more reassured after the meeting, which is the opposite of how I expected to feel!!

hertsnessex Wed 21-Feb-07 15:58:26

Hope it all goes well.


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