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ROA presentation and labour- I'm confused

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charlieq Tue 20-Feb-07 18:14:50

Hi, advice from those who know more appreciated

ds2 to be is currently ROA at 33 weeks. I have a 'high anterior' placenta but MW couldn't tell me what side it was on and didn't think it mattered. DS1 started out that way too but turned to LOA at 29 weeks.

I have heard that ROA is not actually a good position to start labour with and the baby may end up OP, or have to turn through that position to get to LOA, which presumably is more painful? The midwife swore blind to me that wasn't true.

She also said if there's a lot of room in the pelvis (and apparently mine is huge) they find it easier to do any sort of turns they want during labour & the mother's pain is less.

Am now confused & concerned that my easy labour with DS1 might have been my last...

Muminfife Tue 20-Feb-07 19:15:08

Message withdrawn

lulumama Tue 20-Feb-07 19:21:21

have a look at

spinning babies as it has ideas about moving a baby whilst in labour

ROA is the second best position for labour, LOA being the best, so don't fret too much !! it really is not the end of the world ! I had an OP baby who turned while i was in labour, so don;t worry , it can be done

As muminfife has mentioned OFP is good for this too

have a look at OFP

i didn;t even get told what my position the baby was in, so try not to take to much notice as it is not a huge issue to have an ROA baby

if you have a nice roomy pelvis, then there is no reason you can not get baby to shift around a bit. and if you don;t, ROA is not so bad!

have the confidence you can birth this baby, nice and easy again ! x

2Happy Tue 20-Feb-07 19:24:18

Hi, my ds2 was ROA from 32 weeks and I was aware that the risk of this is that they turn the wrong way in labour and end up OP.
Unfortunately for me, my children are incapable of finding the right way out and sure enough ds2 rotated the wrong way, but never even managed to find OP and got stuck at ROT, and despite the obstetrician's best efforts with forceps, was undeliverable and I ended up with a cs. Don't be too downhearted though because a) your ds2 may rotate the right way (and someone like Lulumama can link to sites which show you what positions to adopt in labour to encourge this, and b) your baby may rotate the wrong way but that doesn't mean he won't deliver perfectly well. There are lots of people on here who've delivered OP with no problems (my ds1 was OP () and came out, allbeit with forceps). The obs told me tht half of ds2's problem is I have "sticky outy bits" on my pelvis which prevented him from properly rotating to OP, hopefully this won't be the case for you! If you've already had one good labour, then your body will remember what to do, and has been well stretched before so whatever happens you should be ok. Good luck!

2Happy Tue 20-Feb-07 19:24:49

Ha ha ha! Told you Lulu could link

lulumama Tue 20-Feb-07 19:26:13


and waves at 2happy! how are you and LO ? x

2Happy Tue 20-Feb-07 19:30:00

<<waves back>> We're doing great, thanks. He's piling on the weight already, though I think I have a blocked duct now!

charlieq Tue 20-Feb-07 20:06:00

thanks for the info guys- 2happy that's what I'm scared of, an ROT (I have read a bit too much methinks and your birth story sounds familiar, perhaps I read it somewhere else on MN?) 2 mws have exclaimed at the size and capaciousness of my pelvis(felt like a brood mare), I'm really hoping this means during labour ds2 can spin around all he likes and I won't be in (too much) agony...

I will check out the labour positions, thanks lulmama.

I think I am doing OFP already. Not much time on hands and knees but lots of perching on chairs so knees lower than hips, etc. But he just seems to love that right side.

I wonder if my placenta's there blocking him somehow as when I lie on the left I can't feel him so much, perhaps cos of the cushion effect.

lulumama Tue 20-Feb-07 20:08:42

charlieq..see if you can get hold of a copy of Ina May;s Guide to childbirth..lots of positive and encouraging birth stories....

ROT , is something that can happen, and sometimes can be resolved with forceps....

BUT..i think 2happy does possibly have an issue with her pelvis, whereas it is more than likely yours is just fine.

try to focus on the positive ! x

2Happy Wed 21-Feb-07 00:39:24

(scuse one handed ty[ping)
lulu's right - the obs tried forceps but said it ws my silly pointy pelvis thart prevented them from workingm, that's whyt I ended up with cs. if you have a roomy *(and normal shaped) pelvis, then there's no real reason why ds2 won't rotate correctly, or even if he does tht he won't go the whole way to op. But if the worst does happen, ds2 nd I are fine, ND THt's the main thing. It may be worth covewring this in your birthplan, so the mw's know what your worries are.

charlieq Wed 21-Feb-07 10:40:37

absolutely, the main thing is that he comes out all fine. But as I experienced no risky procedures at all with ds1, I 'm just a bit scared for ds2.

The birth plan thing will be hard as my MWs seem convinced there is no issue here at all. They just put him down on the charts as 'cephalic' & that seems to be all that matters to them. I don't know how they manage to miss all this information out there!

liath Wed 21-Feb-07 12:34:27

Friend of mine recently gave birth - her baby was persistantly ROP/ROT and she was getting abit anxious esp as she went a week overdue (it was her second baby) - in the event she only just made it to the hospital on time so had no problems at all. I think you can be pretty reassured by a previous OK labour & delivery.

charlieq Wed 21-Feb-07 12:56:32

cool- read some of the spinningbabies site and it appears lo may be OA and not actually ROA, as I can feel his whole back and there's a lot of pressure on my navel area (with new stretch marks). So maybe I am working myself up about nothing as usual!

Also for anyone else in the same situation- there is an interesting bit about how second babies tend to follow the 'markers' to 'turn here' left by their siblings.

elibumbum Thu 22-Feb-07 20:53:28

DS was ROA. I had 14 hour first stage - not that long for a first labour - midwives said it was textbook! I had a 2 hour second stage but that was because his head wasn't well flexed - but that is another story!

Hoping next one (not planning that for a while yet!) will be LOA and have a well tucked chin! Hope this marker business doesn't mean it will follow DS's path to the letter!

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