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early labour or not?

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weewilliewinkie Wed 07-Feb-07 13:29:00

I'm 37+4 and for the past few days have had new symptoms - on Thursday I went to the hospital as I though my waters had broken - I was very 'damp' (sorry, TMI, I know) but they did a test and the dr said it was just an increase in discharge. It's continued the same way though and I'm scared that I'm leaking amniotic fluid without realising. Also been having hellish pelvic pain on and off over the same period, excrutiating to walk, feels like an enormous amount of pressure on my nerves maybe? So so sore. I get BH a lot too. today in supermarket I was getting bad lower backache and pains down the back of my legs.

I can feel baby squirming about lots. Dr said head was engaged, he gave me the impression I'd be delivering soon. This is my second child, with ds I had a clockwork beginning to labour, with my waters breaking in a torrent and contractions starting soon after that, but I was pretty symptomless until that happened. This pg has been so different and quite frankly I'm a tad scared. Any advice?

skibump Wed 07-Feb-07 13:32:21

I'd get your midwife to check you out. It's probably just as the doc said, but if you ARE leaking amniotic fluid that could be serious. Fingers crossed it comes soon for you anyway

rachelhill Wed 07-Feb-07 13:34:30

First of all don't be scared - you can do this. You can ask your midwife to do a swab to see if its amniotic fluid but try the sniff test first -does it smell sweet or acrid? If its the former call the MW for a check.

But it sound like things may be kicking off - how exciting

Good luck

Rosylily Wed 07-Feb-07 14:15:10

I'm 35 weeks and I'm starting to feel similar to you, this is my fourth and I get like this towards the end, my bh get so strong in the last week I have to breath through them. So if you are like me, you could go on in this discomfort for a while before labour starts, but obviously your body is gearing up. Try and rest!

weewilliewinkie Wed 07-Feb-07 15:05:06

thanks for your replies...resting is almost impossible as ds(3) won't let me lie down for too long - plus I can't get comfy anyway!

The discharge (ew..I hate that word!) smells more acrid than sweet. I guess I'll know when things get started soon enough. Can't imagine getting to my due date feeling like this the whole time - but I bet I'm still waiting in 3 weeks time...!!

Hanifah Mon 26-Feb-07 16:45:36

wow! i am experience the exact same thing (on my first baby tho) Im 37+5, babys heads been engaged for more than a month, few weeeks back thot i was leaking, doc said i was just damp and waters were still intact, plenty of discharge and bad BH....havent slept properly for weeks BUT last few nites am in agony - back and leg pain like getting a period, nothing works-bath,hot water bottle,etc..can only get hour or 2 sleep if i take paracetemol...sleeping in the day for an hour here r there, going toilet non stop and now last nite had stomach pain. Like u i cannot imagine going another few nites like this let alone weeks. Sorry its no advice but its good 2 know im not the only one...lets just hope and pray labor is soon and thats why...icant see it being normal...

Hanifah Mon 26-Feb-07 16:46:11

Just seen date of ur posting...wonder whats the update with u

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