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Elective c section

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gigisweden Tue 02-Aug-16 20:59:55

New to here!
I'm due on Sept 15 and have decided on an elective c section. I'm with the Kingston hospital and went today to have my appointment but it wasn't with the specialist so I'm now waiting on an appointment with them to see if I can or not. I'm 33+5 and just concerned I'll be too late to schedule one. Should i be concerned? When do they usually give c sections? Has anyone had an elective c section with their first at the Kingston?

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Blackpoollassy Fri 12-Aug-16 10:32:13

They should be able to book you in if they've allowed you to have an elective.
You'll likely to booked for some time in your 39th week.
You'll be given a time but this will change on the day depending upon the number of emergencies they have
I've no experience of that hospital sorry

BibbidiBobbidi Fri 12-Aug-16 10:39:13

I agree with the PP.

I was booked in for a section the week before they were going to do it.

Depending how far gone you are you may have to go in the week before to have some steroid injections to prepare the babies lungs. As I said though that depends how far gone you are. I had my DD at 37 weeks so needed the steroids.

I was booked in to have her on the Friday but my waters broke on the Tuesday so I had her by emergency CS.

What would have happened though is that you will go to the hospital first thing in the morning on the day, the surgeon will have a look on the list at who they have and will then put you all in an order of who's going down when. The hospital I was in have 4 booked in each day to allow room for emergencies.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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