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user1459413777 Wed 27-Jul-16 01:47:33

Hi, I am currently 41+4 and I am scheduled to go to hospital to be induced on the 28th. The hospital bought my due date forward at my dating scan to the 16th of July, I worked it out as the 21st. However they want to induce me on the 28th but my birthing partner is away this weekend and not back till the 1st, I am scared stiff of going through the birth as it nevermind maybe having to do it without my best friend and completely alone. Can I ask them to postpone the induction till the 1st?

RNBrie Wed 27-Jul-16 02:50:25

Yes you can postpone. They'll want you to go in daily for monitoring and might make you feel a but bad about it but you can absolutely decline until you're ready.

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