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AXA PPP won't consider claim for c-section till 36 weeks - any suggestions?

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NaomiRuth Fri 08-Jul-16 19:30:48

Hi everyone,

Just wondering whether anyone has experience of this and can offer any advice.... The consultant has advised me to have a c-section for medical reasons (due to a thin area from my previous c-section scar so higher risk of rupture). So this should be covered under my private medical insurance with AXA PPP. This would mean they would pay private hospital costs and a (small) contribution towards the consultant and anaesthetist. I'm happy to pay the remainder as it will pretty much halve the cost of going privately - thinking of Penny Law at the Portland Hospital. I had a bad experience last time on the NHS with care in the post-natal ward so was quite worried about going back to my local hospital.

But AXA PPP won't even start to consider my claim until 36 weeks which is very late to book a slot at the hospital and with the consultant. Is there anything I can do to get around this - this rule is not in the policy documents?? I could obviously take the chance but we're borderline whether we can / want to pay the whole cost, but then again don't want another awful experience if we don't go this route.

I'm considering calling up AXA and just explaining that my medical reason won't change now and so asking to speak to a manager until they give me a proper answer.

LillianFullStop Sun 10-Jul-16 10:55:46

Have you had any more detail from Axa Naomi - I'm also with them and wondering if a medically necessary c section would be covered. I had a low lying placenta at 20w and due for a rescan at 32w to see if it has moved up. If it hasn't I'll need another scan at 36 weeks to decide whether a c section is necessary.

NaomiRuth Wed 13-Jul-16 12:51:25

Lillian - someone from Axa spotted this post and has taken my details to give me a call to discuss.

I"d suggest you call them to check the process for your situation and then you'll know what to do at 36 weeks. I'll let you know what they do for mine.

LillianFullStop Sat 16-Jul-16 18:23:54

Thanks Naomi I'll get in touch with them!

Seasider2016 Thu 21-Jul-16 10:19:36

I do not recommend the Portland Hospital. They discharged me twice to my husband when I had been severely injured by a physician’s mistake during my labour and I was left in a wheelchair in severe pain and very badly injured but they told us and in writing that I was making a steady recovery. I had actually lost the use of my hip joint and my husband has been reading more recently to find out that actually I was dying from a septic condition that was setting in after the physician’s mistake.

They have never provided any support but left me in a wheelchair dying, I am left requiring major repetitive surgery for life, the impacts of the situation have cost us our home and worse, and the Portland Hospital management will not even accept that the incident happened. It’s not even in the copy hospital notes I have so no independent inspector would ever know.

As long as everything goes perfectly then you will be fine but the reality is that often things do not go perfectly. The Portland Hospital is not equipped to deal. And if something goes wrong they do not want anyone to know about it so they won’t call A&E. If it wasn’t for my husband figuring out that something was badly wrong then I would probably be dead. I have recurrent major surgery for life which the management do nothing about nor any of the other terrible problems that have happened thereafter.

I have all the details now so if anyone thinks this is a fake post then you can be sure that it is not. This is a genuine situation and I have my second major recurrent surgery in only a few years time now while they are there enjoying a plentiful income and nice holidays.

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