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Vaginal birth with thrombosed piles?

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cheapredwine Sat 11-Jun-16 13:35:40

Am 36+2, first baby and over last couple of days have sprouted a damson sized thrombosed pile on the vagina / perineal side of my bum. To add to a few largeish but non-thrombosed ones. Epically sore. Saw GP yesterday in desperation as Anusol, Germoloids creams and suppositories doing nothing. I can't push it back in, it doesn't hang down enough, it's not 'skin taggy', just a bloody big purple lump. I have some proper ointment now (numbing steroid stuff) though it's not touched it yet. How the hell am I going to give birth? Especially if I tear / have to have an episiostomy!! Any advice, reassurance (or not, like if I should discuss a planned CS, which sounds so ridiculous for piles!), experiences very gratefully received.

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