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ELCS in Liverpool/Wirral

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OldFarticus Mon 09-May-16 09:55:53

Hi there

Thanks in advance for reading my post. I am interested in finding out whether anyone has any experience of ELCS at Wirral (Arrowe Park) or Liverpool Women's.

I feel very strongly about having ELCS - this is an IVF baby and I am what I believe is termed a "geriatric mother" hmm I had pre-implantation genetic screening because of a prior cancer diagnosis which means that I had major open abdominal surgery to remove a large tumour which ruptured my bowel. This was 10 years ago but the physical and mental scars are still very much present. I would very much prefer a calm, planned ELCS rather than a chaotic emergency one. I have a strong predisposition to bowel, womb and bladder cancer which is why I required IVF. My other reasons for wanting ELCS are:

- severe hospital phobia because of appalling treatment received in a NHS hospital around my diagnosis. I could not persuade anyone - nurse or doctor - to take my pain seriously. I was offered a psych referral when the problem was the giant carcinoma burning a hole through my large bowel. It eventually ruptured and I collapsed at the wheel of my car and injured a pedestrian. I realise that many NHS staff are not like this, but the thought of turning up in labour and appealing to the NHS for help when they might just laugh/turn me away again is absolutely terrifying and a cause of major anxiety.

- the cancer surgery was left so late that I lost a large amount of my bowel and have continence issues. I am not sure I could live a normal life and hold down a job if those issues are exacerbated by a natural delivery.

- there are huge mental health issues in my family. My DF committed suicide, my DM attempted suicide more than once and my DSis suffered from pre-natal psychosis and post-natal depression of such severity that she was hospitalised twice (once with my DN). I suffer from anxiety as a result of my cancer treatment (and possibly also the genetic link). I am on venlafaxine for this and I have been advised to keep taking it despite the risk for the foetus, because I simply cannot manage without it.

I have a slight preference for delivery at Arrowe Park because they have privare en-suite rooms. Part of the hospital phobia arose because of the dirt and stench that accompanied my stay on the ward before - think 2 toilets between 14 bowel surgery patients and the only shower for all patients was located in one of those bathrooms.

I have considered going private but we live in the NW and I believe that the only private facilities are in London - it would be difficult for me to travel home after abdominal surgery.

I would really like to get this agreed before 20 weeks if possible. I would have to seriously consider having a termination if I cannot get an ELCS - I know that sounds terrible but the fear and anxiety is too much and I would be suicidal if I was left any more incontinent than I already am or if I received similar treatment to that described above. (Incidentally, the poor treatment above occurred in a different part of the country).

Does anyone have any experience or can recommend a good consultant? Many thanks for reading if you have got this far flowers

RedToothBrush Tue 10-May-16 22:18:32

I know a little.

Sent you a PM.

MusicIsMedicine Tue 17-May-16 23:30:23

Ask to see the Consultant Midwife at Liverpool.

I think you're very wise putting a plan in place now.

So sorry to hear of all you've been through. I identify with the bad hospital experiences. PM if you want.

EllenDegenerate Sun 29-May-16 22:58:26

I've had 3 csections at Liverpool women's
Im having my fourth at Arrowe in December.
Im happy to discuss both hospitals and my experiences with you.
Pm me if you need to and good luck with your pregnancy and birth x

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