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Breech baby

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Squashysbrother Mon 11-Apr-16 12:35:15

I'm wondering if anyone has had a breech baby?

My first baby was an easy and straightforward delivery, baby was in the correct position.

I had a biggish gap between first and second. Second was undiagnosed breech, only found out at home when I was fully dilated (home birth) meaning I had to deliver him naturally, had episiotomy although I'm not sure if this would have been necessary, I transferred into hospital and it all happened very quickly. A pretty horrible doctor sort of decided while my legs were in stirrups.

I'm wondering if anyone else has been in this situation?

I'm not currently pregnant or ttc, but I'm wondering what the chances are of it happening again.

Do they keep a much closer eye on you if you've had breech? Would they recommend a c section? Would I need to speak to the GP before ttc?

Cakeymum Mon 11-Apr-16 14:16:56

my DS was breech - from 28 weeks! Never moved. they tried to turn him but his heart rate plummeted and it was nearly a full blown general anesthetic emergency c section (still a bit traumatised by all that)

I was booked in for a c section, they didn't even mention a natural birth but i didn't ask tbh. i'm not sure of the odds of a repeat breech, quick google suggest about 5-10% chance of second being breech? vs about 4% first time.

they don't tend to pay much attention until later on if breech, in fact the midwives could never tell he was breech by feel alone and was only because i was having extra scans due to gestational diabetes and single artery in umbilical they even noticed. they used to get the trainees to feel my tummy at my consultant appointments to see if they could spot it!

They pushed me a bit for a ECV around 38 weeks as much before that they can just turn back around, but they can turn even in labour so i don't think they do anything special and i can't imagine the GP would need to know.

I had a c section booked in for 39 weeks, but my waters broke at 38+2 and i then had an "emergency" c section which basically involved sitting around for 6 hours until they had a space

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