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applesvpears Tue 15-Mar-16 22:10:33

I am in hospital being induced. Due second pessary thing soon. I know women go through this every day, but I am really nervous and anxious. blush

umizoomi Tue 15-Mar-16 22:12:38

Is thus your first baby?

umizoomi Tue 15-Mar-16 22:12:52

This, not thus!

Sootica Tue 15-Mar-16 22:12:54

Hand hold. Is this your first baby ? Remember every contraction is one closer to meeting your baby flowers

umizoomi Tue 15-Mar-16 22:28:15

I was induced with DC1. I had three pessaries which didn't really work, but gave me period type pain. My second pessary was at night too, like yours. I got some paracetamol and therefore some sleep, would advise you do the same if possible.

On the plus side, once they started me on a drip I delivered with 7 hours, so pretty quickly really

Good luck OP.

applesvpears Wed 16-Mar-16 00:04:19

It is my first and this is dreadful. I don't think I can do it. Feeling in so much pain X

Knope Wed 16-Mar-16 03:22:59

You can do it OP. I was induced with DD three weeks ago, it's tough but you will get there.
I found the early bit the worst, try to focus on your breathing if you can. I blew out a golden thread with each contraction, a long smooth exhale over some green hills. Later the gas and air really helped, have you had any pain relief?
I know it's hard to imagine but it won't be long until you can meet your baby.

Lovemylittlebears Wed 16-Mar-16 03:27:59

Good luck / your lovely baby will be here soon xx

InvictusVersinium Wed 16-Mar-16 03:49:53

Hope you are doing ok, apples

You can do it and soon you will be holding your little baby. flowers

applesvpears Wed 23-Mar-16 08:52:30

Hi everyone. Thank you for those reassuring posts. I thought I would update you and say I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on 17th March. It was 24 hour labour ending in an emergency c section. Quite an ordeal! But she arrived safe and is amazing. Xxxxx

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