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Stop start contractions

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WhatILoved Mon 15-Feb-16 18:06:39

Looking for advice. First birth was textbook: period pains at 5am then contractions ramped up and he was out at 1pm...oh and he was a due date baby
This morning I woke up with period type pains then had moderate contractions every 7 minutes until 3pm. They were painful but not the full blown ones. Then they stopped and I slept for 2 hours. I have been feeling sick and I did have a clear out. Have totally lost appetite and just feel wiped out (a bit like when you have a sickness bug). Is this going to carry on for days? I thought 2nd births were meant to be quicker!! Toddler watched 6 hours straight of CBeebies so feel guilty as well! I am 38 plus 3 today. Just need to know if this is normal

BlossomCat Mon 15-Feb-16 18:43:57

15 years ago today, I could have written your exact post. (My dd is not here tonigt, so im in the midst of a reminiscence evening)
I'd been stop start for two days and getting very fed up. Once I started to feel sick, I knew that things were happening and she arrived at 1.30am. It is frustrating, but I have learnt since that it's not uncommon for second labours.
It will happen, use the breaks as a chance to rest, and don't feel guilty about the toddler, cbeebies is going to be your friend over the coming months.
Good luck, you'll be cuddling a baby soon!

WhatILoved Mon 15-Feb-16 20:20:12

Thanks Blossom. Sweet post X

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