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Anyone with experience of ELCS at Birmingham Heartlands? Mike Wyldes?

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QueenMolotov Mon 18-Jan-16 10:53:43

I've just discovered I'm pg with dc3 and am 4-5 weeks. Very early days but I want to decide by my booking appointment where I'd like to deliver.

I had dd1 vaginally in 2009 but it was a long labour, she got stuck, I pushed for 2 hours and damaged my tailbone in the process. It's never been the same since. So, I requested an ELCS at Birmingham Women's Hospital for dd2 in 2012.

I got the ELCS in the end, but it was a horrible process to go through. The consultant I saw was very unsupportive and unsympathetic, scared me witless with worst-case CS outcomes. However, he eventually agreed and the actual ELCS by him was amazing: no infections and I healed very well ... but I'm just not sure I could face him again. Brilliant ELCS experience, but very distressing getting to it with him.

I'm torn between going with who and where I know (and hoping I wouldn't be pushed towards VBAC - I should have an easier time having has one CS already, right?), or trying Heartlands with Mike Wyldes. I've read about him on here and wondered if anyone could tell me more? What is Heartlands like? Is it nice and clean? Are the staff attentive?


QueenMolotov Tue 19-Jan-16 19:45:43


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