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Due Date Tomorrow... confused about my symptoms!

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MYA2016 Tue 12-Jan-16 16:42:36

First baby is due tomorrow... For a week now I've been in a lot of pain off and on. I'm guessing that it's Braxton Hicks although I've had them off and on for a month and they were never this intense.
They take my breathe away and then it all completely stops.
Well last night at 3.30 am i woke up with the most intense period type back pain ever. It would ease off after walking around but then come back as soon as I lay back down. The pain intensified throughout the night and I haven't been back to sleep.
At about 8am I wiped after going for a wee and a blob of clear jelly came away. No colour to it at all and no blood.
This has since happened 3 more times throughout the day.
The pains have subsided loads AGAIN even though I was 100% convinced it was starting this morning!
I'm so fed up now. Do these symptoms sound like anything you've experienced?
I do still have a slight dull ache in my back and legs but that's It. I can't cope with many more nights of agony and nothing happening :-(

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Buttwing Tue 12-Jan-16 19:24:22

The jelly sounds like abit of a show and it sounds like things are slowly starting to happen. I had this on and off for a week with dc4 and the one day the just kept going. If you could bear to have sex that might help things along? It helped me but totally understand if you can't face it!!

Junosmum Tue 12-Jan-16 19:55:38

I started with what you are describing on Christmas Eve. Went on for over a week - water broke early hours on 2nd Jan.

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