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Wanted vbac but now not sure - 5 days until c section!

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Abi0783 Sat 02-Jan-16 11:09:05

Hi All

So I was adamant I wanted Vbac after dd 3 years ago but then half way through found out I had Gestational Diabetes (GD) and after growth scans was told ds is on the big side and as induction is high risk for me due to previous csection scar rupturing my only option is another csection.

They said If I would naturally go into labour then I would be allowed and I was proactive in researching natural methods for induction etc

However last time around when I was pregnant I never got any side affects of being pregnant and so I never even got BH and didn't know what they were like.

On Xmas day I started getting period like pains which I didn't notice as they were coming and going and I was busy... I noticed them late afternoon and early evening but they stayed constant level of pain but they came and went and this went on until 4am.... Basically I think this just bought back all the memories of the previous long labour and pain which I must have blocked out and I have just frozen as to what I now want!

There's now a big part of me that has major stress about labour which I wasn't aware I had. Originally stress was not being able to have a vbac as was worried about recovery with a newborn and a toddler. Now I'm thinking everything that can go wrong with a vaginal birth such as tearing and forceps etc that will probably give me same level of pain afterwards aswell as pain during labour and I'm trying to rationalise it but heads all over the place.

As I'm GD I have been told to express colostrum which I was also told can bring about contraction but I daren't do it (until last night and it did start contracting stomach area slightly). I didn't get more than a few drops from each side but that's ok as I am supposed to do this a handful of times each day.

It may not happen but I don't know whether to be proactive with other things that I have bought for inducing labour naturally for the next 5 days or not?

Any advice would be grateful

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Littleoakhorn Sun 03-Jan-16 19:35:49

I've no advice but I'm in the same situation, due in Feb. Good luck, whatever you decide!

raisin3cookies Sun 03-Jan-16 19:43:19

I've had a cs and VB and I would personally choose VB every time. I could barely function for several weeks after cs and had a baby and toddler to look after as well. It was rough.

However, I didn't have gd. I grow big babies (my cs baby was 10lbs 3oz but he was transverse lie and wouldn't budge, hence the cs) so pushing out a big baby doesn't worry me. There are ways to avoid forceps and things, by labouring upright and not pushing on your back, etc.

It's such a personal choice, and one with so many unknown variables. I know what I would do (vbac, have had 3), but that's all I can say!

Abi0783 Sun 03-Jan-16 22:27:46

Raisin3cookies - thanks for the reply.

I literally have 2 days to go Into labour naturally as pre op is Tuesday and c section on Wednesday. From everything I had researched a Vbac would be so much better (if obviously everything went without intervention etc)

I have been expressing colostrum (so nipple stimulation) but it hasn't bought on labour even though it contracts stomach so I guess these "natural methods" don't do anything if baby isn't ready to come out! Will try one last natural concoction my mum made tomorrow but then I will be at peace that at least I tried and it wasn't meant to be.

I think compared to when I posted this I'm feeling a lot more accepting of whatever happens will happen and not being disappointed if things don't go the way I "planned" and as long as end result is my baby being safe then i cant ask for more.

Littleoakhorn : good luck for feb!

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LumpySpaceCow Sun 03-Jan-16 22:52:47

It's normal to feel nervous.
Regarding expressing, it won't set your labour off unless you were going to go into labour anyway and the colostrum will be important if your baby has low blood sugars after birth.
I'm planning a vbac and am currently doing a birth plan with a supervisor of midwives. I have had an instrumental birth and as part of my current plan, it will be documented as being low threshold for section (I.e. If any doubts about progress or how baby is coping I don't want pushing and pushing so I end up with forceps!). I'm just going to try to keep as active as possible and get relief from the water (they have wireless, waterproof monitors!). If I go overdue, I will just go straight for section.

Good luck!

raisin3cookies Sun 03-Jan-16 22:56:30

From what I've read recently, labour is started by hormkes released by the baby when its lungs are ready to breathe air, so there really isn't much to the old wives tales.

In some ways, I find that comforting. It really is the baby's fault!!

Best of luck to youflowers

raisin3cookies Sun 03-Jan-16 22:56:53

Hormones gah

Daysleeper1985 Sun 03-Jan-16 23:57:49

Only thing that has the tiniest chance of helping is semen (prostaglandins) helping to soften your cervix. But ultimately, baby needs to come when ready. You need to imagine which one you may regret more down the line (personally, a CS is a life or death situation - and that's written on my birth plan!) A vbac would be a fantastic achievement, believe in yourself x

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