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Talk to me about your 2nd labour if your first was an ELCS

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mrsmugoo Tue 10-Nov-15 15:41:39

I'm just coming up for 10 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy and as my sickness starts to subside I'm tentatively thinking about the fact I'm actually going to be having another baby!

My first was an ELCS because he was stubbornly breech (breech since 25 weeks and failed ECV - v painful, wouldn't recommend btw)

As a first time Mum I had planned lovely calm relaxed water birth in the MLU blah blah and of course all of that went out of the window with the ELCS, but I got over it, the ELCS was actually pretty chilled and lovely and I of course never really think about my DS's method of entering the world.

This time around I of course would love to experience a VB not least because I have a toddler to look after this time as well and can't spend two weeks in bed recovering from a CS but I just don't know what to expect? I do know that as I've had a previous CS I will be classed as "high risk" and I don't expect I'll be allowed to use the MLU. I also know that I can't be induced so if baby is very overdue then it'll probably be another CS.

I guess I'm just looking for experiences of others for interest really. How did it for for you?

jamtartandcustard Wed 11-Nov-15 13:30:12

Wasn't a elective but had emcs with 1st. Overdue and induction didn't work basically. So no real medical reason that might repeat itself with subsequent pregnancies.
Yes you will be considered high risk due to potential scar rupture. So no MLU. No water birth as they will like to monitor you throughout, so in all honesty you will most likely be confined to lying on a bed! They don't like to induce either. I've had 2 vbacs like this. Its not the end of the world. Baby arrives safely, I get to go home within 24hours, able to drive and do the school run immediately. No post surgery recovery so I would def recommend you try for a vbac if you can!
It's only now, with dc4, that I'm putting my foot down and demanding the birth I want! 12 years almost post emcs, 2 perfect vbacs with not a tear in either. Still not allowed MLU as that is their policy but my midwife has said she can't see why I can't have a homebirth and water birth. Good luck with whatever you decide to do X

jamtartandcustard Wed 11-Nov-15 13:33:36

Oh just a comment about induction - no they won't allow the drip as it is too strong and puts too much pressure on the uterus. I did argue for an induction with dc2 as I wanted to at least try for natural birth which they eventually agreed that at 14days over they will apply the gel to see if I dilate, if nothing after 6 hours then c-section. However he arrived the day before. grin

Skiptonlass Wed 11-Nov-15 18:10:45

Mind if I hop on and ask another question related to this?

First births are often longer and harder - if you're having a vbac is it effectively like a first vaginal birth in terms of length/difficulty?

Nicknamegrief Wed 11-Nov-15 18:22:13

You aren't classed as high risk due to a previous section, I have had 3 sections and just had my booking in appointment and although I have to have another section, I am not classed as high risk!
If the MLU adjoins the delivery suite you will probably be fine there. I did plan on a VBAC and they gave me a date for a planned section at 40+10 rather than booking me in for an induction. Unfortunately I ended up with another EMCS after a failure to progress etc once my waters had ruptured spontaneously.

DIYandEatCake Thu 12-Nov-15 00:55:23

I had an elcs for breech too, and then a very straightforward vbac (ds was fortunately head down). Had 'twinges' the night before and in the morning but carried on as usual (went to toddler group and shopping!), regular contractions by the afternoon, waters went at 6ish, waited for in-laws to arrive to look after dd, got to hospital, ds was born an hour later. No drugs, no interventions, no stitches, and I felt fantastic afterwards compared to the c section. I think they put a monitoring belt on at some point but can't really remember (was at 8cm and in agony by the time I got there). I didn't have to lie down though - I gave birth kneeling holding onto the back of the bed. It was very painful but I'm so glad I got to experience it, and to hold ds still attached by the cord, naked and gunky. The recovery was so much better, too, i felt a bit battered and bruised for a few days but could pick up my older child, drive to the supermarket etc. I feel very lucky it worked out so well, hope you get the birth you want this time too.

LumpySpaceCow Thu 12-Nov-15 07:09:35

Each hospital is different with regards to recommendations.
I had a section 13 months ago for breach and am due after Christmas. As long as pregnancy straightforward and baby head down, I can go on the mlu as long as I speak to supervisor of midwives and make an informed choice on not receiving cfm.
If I decide to go on the consultant led unit, I can still have a waterbirth even if I decide to have the continuous monitoring as they use wireless telemetry and have two waterproof ones. Do some research and speak to your consultant x

mrsmugoo Thu 12-Nov-15 08:23:34

Thanks for the replies ladies! Very interesting to see how different hospitals treat VBACs.

sherazade Fri 13-Nov-15 07:40:07

Hi, like you my first was an ELCS due to breech. I was young (21) and still at uni, my first baby and my head was full of ideals surrounding the ideal birth. I went to all the birthing classes and was geared up for a natural birth so was devastated when , due to my suspcisions that the baby's bum was actually its head, I was given a scan and the midwife remarked, 'what date are you free to come in for a section because your baby is breech?'. I had no idea what a section entailed and I had always had a phobia about surgery.. no explanation was offered they just wanted to book me in there and then. I was also facing my final exams and was very stressed so it was all a bit of a mess. I did try ECV several times but it didn't work and I later found out the cord was round her neck so it wouldn't have worked anyway. (I did ask the sonographer if the cord was round the neck but she wouldn't say).
Anyway, shortly afterwards I was pg again with my second daughter and I was determined to give birth naturally. I hated the recovery period, I hated not being able to get up and carry my crying newborn in the postnatal ward, hated being too scared to cough or wee etc etc. (to top it all dd ate my nipple and i had to go in for surgery again to remove a horrific breast abcess so there went my dreams of bfeeding too and I spent lots of time in and out of hospital). DD did not show any signs of shifting at 40 weeks and the hospital put me under tremendous pressure to go for another c section but I did not comply. I went in for regular monitoring and they scanned me again to check if my placenta and baby were ok and they were. After around 3 weeks overdue they agreed to give me some of the gel to induce me and the plan was to go for a section if it failed but it worked and I went straight into labour. Labour was fairly short but they were prepping me for theatre throughout because of possible low oxygen but in the end I pushed her out and she was fine. The fact that there was no recovery period afterwards felt wonderful and was worth the battle!!!

TheWiseOldElf Fri 13-Nov-15 07:51:30

I had emcs with dd1 and vbac for dd2 15 months later. I was induced and was given a syntocin drip. I just had to be monitored throughout. Induction was quite quick but I had got to 8cm with dd1 so midwife said it was like a second labour to that point.

I'm surprised by the suggestion that they won't induce following a section because I was and the reason I was given for the induction was the desire to avoid the pregnancy going too long.

TheWiseOldElf Fri 13-Nov-15 07:52:58

to avoid risk of prolonged pregnancy putting pressure on the scar I mean. Obviously induction in general is to stop pregnancy going on too long!

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