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Haematoma after C Section

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rockchickchickyrock Fri 17-Jul-15 09:18:09

Hi there

I had my dd a week ago by ELCS and 3 days after she was born, one of my staples in the scar was ouzing blood. Ended up back in hospital as I had developed a haematoma:-(

It's not sore as such, the area is just very purple/bruised and angry looking. I'm home again now have been on anti biotics for the last 5 days and ongoing. I have to try and let air get to it, but it's still weeping/bleeding which I've assured is normal by the midwives/doctor and I just have to allow it to drain and then it should heal from the inside out... Fine except I just feel so yukky sticky and disgusting :-( sitting knicker less on towels bleeding! I have some sterile dressings which I will use if going out but was advised to not use them unless necessary.

I also feel guilty and selfish because we have a 15 month old toddler who I can't pick up or do anything for. My husband is being amazing and my Inlaws are being very helpful but it's difficult sitting about with no pants on, boobs out feeding and having them popping in and out! To be fair though they don't barge in (not anymore anyway!) I know it takes time but I'm just feeling a bit 'meh' about it all. My ds was born by emcs and I healed really well and was so suprised at the time.

Sorry for the moan but I was wondering if anyone can share their experience of having a haematoma after c section and how long did it take for the bleeding/Seeping to subside and the whole lot to heal?

123Jump Fri 17-Jul-15 09:24:42

Hi rockchick, congratulations on the birth of your DD!
I haven't had a haematoma, but am a nurse that worked on surgical ward for years.
May I ask if you will be seeing anyone, DR or nurse in the next few days?
Have all the staples been removed? Is the wound only a 'bit' open?
Sorry for all the questions,grin!
Wounds can be tricky, but with the right care all should be well soon.

rockchickchickyrock Fri 17-Jul-15 09:44:09

Hi Jump :-)

When I went back into hospital (day 3 after birth) they removed the staple directly over the haematoma to allow it to bleed. I was admitted back in for 3 days to give anti biotics and monitor. On day 4 they removed 2 more and day 5 removed the remaining staples (ouch!) so all are out now, and I have an approx 1cm open wound that is seeping/bleeding on and off. The midwife came out yesterday to have a look and says it looks fine as it can be and is coming again tomorrow to keep an eye on it. She said they won't release me from care on the standard day 10 as they want to make sure it is healing properly first... I've just never had a cut/wound or anything that's just bled (albeit slow trickle) like this! Will I need some iron tablets or something to stop myself becoming anemic? When I am feeding I can feel it 'pulsing' (sorry for the tmi!) also have just finished the course of injections in the stomach and she said these would have been having an effect also as thinning the blood...

123Jump Fri 17-Jul-15 17:48:34

The 'bleeding' is probably just all the fluid around the site/from haematoma. It isn't fresh blood,as such, I would think. So you aren't actively bleeding if you understand?
You can certainly ask to have your bloods checked, but the childbirth will most likely be the cause of the low iron. You can take iron supplements yourself anyway if you like? Check with your midwife?
Are you washing the wound? I'd be whisking you into the shower to clean that daily. Would you be up for that?

rockchickchickyrock Sat 18-Jul-15 02:15:13

Thank you for the reply Jump.

I've been showering several times a day, when it's gotten really sticky! Yuk! So that's all good.

I ended up going into hospital again today to have it looked at as I wasn't happy about the smell. The consultant and midwife wernt concerned about it, took another swab to send for analysis, the cons had a good poke around and said it appears to be medium sized (satsuma sized). No one seems to be able to give me any timescales however and is it possible for a hole like this to close up on its own?

123Jump Sat 18-Jul-15 12:16:48

Well, in my experience wounds like this will certainly close over, but it can take weeks. And you would need a Treatment Room nurse involved. Dressings may be required.
For the minute just keep letting the gunk out. I'm not entirely sure that showering so often is promoting healing, but I have no evidence on that.
If they have seen it and are happy keep going for now.
I know if you aren't used to this kind of thing it seems gross and a bit 'oh my god my stomach is open,help!', but honestly, the human body can put up with an amazing amount.

rockchickchickyrock Sun 19-Jul-15 11:57:10

Thank you Jump, that's reassuring to know. I now have sterile dressings now, given to me at the hospital, the bleeding appears to be calming down and the bruising and swelling has reduced which is good. As it is now covered I'm not having to shower every time I go upstairs!

123Jump Sun 19-Jul-15 12:16:31

Take the dressing off in the am, and examine the wound. That way you can check it is healing and not getting infected-heat/redness/pus.
Have a shower then put a new dressing on if you wish.

rockchickchickyrock Sun 19-Jul-15 18:50:14

We've been having to change the dressing twice a day at the moment - and in the shower as it's usually bulging in the morning (yuk!) my dh thinks it is improving and as been taking pics of it every other day so I can see it properly. Certainly looks like it's getting better just need the bleeding to stop now. Thank you again for your advice :-)

123Jump Tue 21-Jul-15 21:19:57

Wounds tend to need to heal from the inside out. You don't want it to close over until it is clean and well healed.
Hope it stops being so troublesome soon, you've enough to do with a baby.

rockchickchickyrock Tue 04-Aug-15 16:48:52

Just thought I would update my thread and say that my haematoma finally stopped bleeding/weeping 3 weeks after it started with the help of a pressure dressing (consultant thought maybe a blood vessel was bleeding) I couldn't find much online about how long they can bleed for and the midwives/consultants kept saying 'it may take some time' I know every case is different but thought this might be helpful for anyone else who has had the same problem.

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