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Been referred to consultant to request ELCS - what are my chances?

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freneticfox Fri 31-Oct-14 14:36:45

I'm currently at 26 weeks and have asked my midwife to refer me to a consultant - I have quite a few reasons for requesting an ELCS:

- Hypermobility in my hips. Both are usually controlled with painkillers and exercise though I'm already looking at being on crutches by the time I reach the third trimester. My hips often slip out of their sockets and the pain it causes can often trigger anxiety attacks
- SPD (on the physio waiting list)
- Anxiety - I'm prone to anxiety attacks, particularly triggered by the pain of a hip dislocation!
- I've had several treatments on my cervix to remove pre-cancerous cells. One of these procedures was particularly traumatic thanks to an awful consultant who didn't listen when I was expressing my concern about the discomfort I was in. As a result even getting a smear test with one sympathetic nurse in the room turns into a rigmarole; my husband will usually have to be with me to talk (yes, I've had CBT).

There are other not-so-big issues (sickness phobia, external haemorrhoids), but I don't think those are affective points, so hadn't planned on saying anything.

My husband and I have done a LOT of reading on birthing options. We've read the NICE guidelines, spoken to others and watched more video footage than I care to admit! In a perfect world I'd be guaranteed a water birth, but my local hospital only has one birthing pool and I've been told it's rare to actually get to use it.

Based on our reasons, what are the chances of a consultant giving us what we want? I know it's a divisive subject and don't want to give the impression that I just 'don't fancy pushing' because that's not the case.

Any advice; or warnings to brace myself for battle!

QuietTiger Fri 31-Oct-14 18:33:46

Just be honest with the consultant and put your POV across. I am consultant lead (really bad obstetric history) and initially when I raised and ECLS with one of her registrars I was referred to the "birth choices" midwife to talk through all my options.

I ended up cancelling the appointment because I then saw the consultant herself, who booked my ECLS without question (knowing my history).

Be persistent and make it clear that you have researched all your options. Good luck. smile

CatteLady Fri 31-Oct-14 18:42:07

Watching with interest, hope you get it sorted. I have similar issues, and while I'm open to a natural birth, I think any kind of instrumental delivery wwould fuck me up.

Molotov Fri 31-Oct-14 18:42:43

I had a maternal request ELCS in 2012 because I damaged my tailbone during the vaginal birth of dd1 in 2009.

My consultant didn't think it was a medical reason. It was in my mind. Essentially, I listened to all his doom-filled views of the worst-case CS vs the best-case VB (it scared me, to be sure). But I consulted the childbirth forum of MN; my physiotherapist and an independent chiropractor who suggested that an ELCS might be best for me.

Top and bottom of it is that you have to demonstrate that you understand the risks of CS.

Prepare for a battle. Have your DH/DP/other there as an advocate. Stand your ground and you should get it. It's just a bit of a mind-fuck, if I'm completely honest, sorry.

freneticfox Fri 31-Oct-14 21:08:34

I'm completely prepared for it to be a battle; I'm also fairly well-read on the risks and am more than willing to sit through being told the same ones if it means I'm demonstrating that I am serious.

My midwife was really supportive, and after listening to my reasons she said she had no hesitation in referring me and she agrees it's the better option for me physically and mentally, she did however warn us that we WILL come up against resistance and judgement.

I'm honestly astounded that in 2014 women are spoken down to when they're showing a willingness to make informed choices about their own bodies.

Roonerspism Fri 31-Oct-14 21:14:19

Have you managed to find out if the hyper mobility in your hips will be worsened by a natural delivery? I think I would want to go armed as the other stuff might not back you up enough.

That said, I do agree you shouldn't have to fight to get what you want and if the main reason is anxiety then I think you can speak to a MH midwife who can agree its best for you.

I just had my request for an ELCS agreed to - supported in fact. I would much prefer a natural delivery tbh - but I have little choice as I have a broken fanjo sad

Good luck!

freneticfox Sat 01-Nov-14 17:24:46

Rooners that's one thing I'm struggling to find; post-birth experiences with hypermobile joints. I have a friend who had a forceps delivery because of complications with her hypermobile hips and she struggled to get back on her feet for a couple of months, but beyond that I need to dig a little deeper I think.

RedToothBrush Sat 01-Nov-14 23:16:39

It depends completely on your hospital and whether you have a sympathetic consultant. I had an ELCS agreed for anxiety reasons with no issues. To point that it surprised me as I was so worried about having a fight. At no point did I ever feel anything but supported and never judged.

Its a total lottery though unfortunately; I've read many, many threads which are the polar opposite. Almost all have managed to get an ELCS in the end though (can only think of two that didn't - one went into labour early and the other changed hospitals and had an ELCS there instead).

Molotov Sun 02-Nov-14 18:00:20

Red, I've read loads of replies from you on this forum. I think you are awesome - so balanced in your views smile

Molotov Sun 02-Nov-14 18:00:52

And knowledgeable smile

freneticfox Sun 02-Nov-14 22:13:53

I really appreciate balanced views - I've already experienced people trying to change my mind and for what it's worth I can completely understand why, but I'm 100% sure that this is what I want and what will be best for my mind and body (and consequently baby's well being).

Thank you all for the input smile

SASASI Mon 03-Nov-14 00:01:32

I had an ELCS for several reasons but mostly because of a horrific HSG (am now due a smear, havnt booked it & I'm shitting myself).
My consultant was great, it was the registrars who tried to put me off & knocked my confidence in the decision - funnily enough they were men too.

From your OP It sounds like you have fair cause to request one - gd luck!

dottytablecloth Mon 03-Nov-14 11:18:02

Agree with others the registrars try to talk you out of it but in my opinion when you (eventually in my case) get to see the consultant it was a case of booking the date. Not agreed until 33 weeks for me though.

Just be prepared to repeat 'I understand the risks of a c section, however I'm not prepared to consider a vaginal delivery.'

Don't be out off providing you are absolutely sure it's best for you.

dottytablecloth Mon 03-Nov-14 11:18:35

*put off!

RedToothBrush Tue 04-Nov-14 11:48:06

Thanks Molotov.

I think I just found out stuff because I needed it and was very conscious of the lack of balance in the information out there when I was making my own decisions.

What became apparent to me doing that, is that I myself was biased and when you start to read individual different cases, that there is no one size fits all approach. Instead its about asking the right questions and getting people to think about certain things rather than bombard them with stats of whats 'better'.

BunnyB39 Wed 05-Nov-14 18:27:47

I am experiencing a similar issue atm and battling with my consultant to get an elcs. My midwife supports me and has advised me that I can self-refer to another hospital. She said to phone up and ask if the hospital adheres to NICE guidelines regarding elcs; these support the woman's right to choose. Good luck!

freneticfox Thu 06-Nov-14 16:42:58

Bunny - I hope you get the results you are looking for. I just got my consultant appointment through for 21st November, so we have a couple of weeks to cram in as much research as possible. My MW has reassured us that she's going to be pushing every step of the way to make sure we are listened to. I have physio for the first time tomorrow as well, I'm hoping that will help make up more of the big picture.

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