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C section baby misses antibodies?

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j200 Tue 02-Sep-14 07:25:39

Planning to have a CS but have heard baby misses antibodies that they get via VB (horizon program) ??? Is this true? Anything that can counter it? Don't want my baby to miss out confused

TanteRose Tue 02-Sep-14 07:33:43

really? I thought they get the antibodies through the placenta that they have been attached to for 9 months.

leaving your body through your vagina or being lifted out by CS won't make any difference, surely?

you could ask them to wait a bit before cutting the cord if possible -

good luck with the birth!

TanteRose Tue 02-Sep-14 07:37:36

see also

its the last 3 months of pregnancy that they get the antibodies, so unless you give birth prematurely, then your baby won't miss out.

try and give colostrum, either directly or pumped - lots of antibodies in that, and in breastmilk

Sleepwhenidie Tue 02-Sep-14 07:43:53

There is growing evidence that babies do get a 'layer' of antibodies passing through the birth canal and an additional one through breast feeding (good bacteria essentially), so in that respect , both are the 'ideal'. But if you need a c section for medical reasons I think those are likely to be much more pressing than the strength of baby's future immune system smile.

lemonpoppyseed Tue 02-Sep-14 07:44:23

This is the article I read about this: Definitely interesting reading...

lemonpoppyseed Tue 02-Sep-14 07:45:16

Sorry, with link this time:

Sleepwhenidie Tue 02-Sep-14 07:45:56

this article explains better than me!

j200 Tue 02-Sep-14 10:01:45

Thanks ladies smile

Stardustshaper Wed 03-Sep-14 15:18:51

I've heard mention of swabbing baby with vaginal secretions post birth to give a similar effect. Don't have any references but wod be interested in any links about this approach.

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