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pile issue

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Mmolly2013 Mon 01-Sep-14 13:48:02

I now have a small pile after giving birth how do i get it to go away.

suzannec091982 Mon 01-Sep-14 13:52:32

Oh the joys of child birth, my youngest is 17months and I still suffer with piles now. I don't think you can ever actually 'get rid' but if you use hemorrhoid ointment it shrinks them and makes them less tender.

Molotov Tue 02-Sep-14 13:29:50

And eat lots of fibre-rich foods and your '5-a-day' so that you don't have to strain when you poo smile

PinkAndBlueBedtimeBears Tue 02-Sep-14 13:35:38

I had a massive pile after ds, horrific, used anusol after going to the toilet and before bed and it went within maybe 2 weeks? Good luck!!

PinkAndBlueBedtimeBears Tue 02-Sep-14 13:36:08

However, [tmi] if I don't drink enough and I have to strain to poo it does come back, but not as large..

mangofizz Mon 08-Sep-14 23:24:15

Honestly? You are lucky its only one. My piles in late pregnancy and subsequently after the birth were worse than my also very bad tear. When I went for my 6 week check at the hospital the dr remembered them and commented on how bad they were!

Apparently if they havent gone within 6 weeks they are there to stay, I still have them quite badly although they dont hurt at all anymore so im pretending they arent there as I believe the op to have them removed can bring its own issues again!

Good luck, I hope they go

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