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Braxton hicks or real thing

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MrsGiraffe12 Thu 14-Aug-14 19:33:31

Ok, so I may sound like an idiot but I had DC1 at 32 weeks by c section so never experienced any of this before.

I'm 36+5 with DC2 and for the last 2 weeks I've had an on and off niggley back pain, similar to when you have your period. Ended up at the hospital being monitered 10 days ago but no signs of labour. Have had mild Braxton hicks too but nothing to write home about.

Last 2 days however the Braxton hicks have been almost painful, and I keep feeling pressure like I need a poo. I had a scan yesterday to check babies lie and he or she is now head down and I'm fully engaged.

Today the Braxton hicks have been coming lots, and feel like period pains but sharper and all over my bump if that makes sense. A friend said she could see my belly going hard. A lot more than usual, though no real pattern to them but some have made me catch my breath and have to stop what I'm doing and babies movements have been a lot more energetic too and sometime painful.

How will I know if they are real contractions (other than regularity and more painful which someone told me doesn't always happen) and not Braxton hicks like I'm assuming? I don't want to call the midwifes and sound like a idiot but at the same time being a potential vbac (c section booked for 39 weeks due to PET but vbac if I labour naturally before then) I don't want to mess around either!

Thanks :-)

Mumof3xox Fri 15-Aug-14 07:40:13

Any news op?

MrsGiraffe12 Fri 15-Aug-14 07:48:55

Nope. Been up the hospital over night but am coming home as they arnt real contractions and I'm not dilating

GingerRodgers Fri 15-Aug-14 20:11:07

No idea op. My 2nd time too so feel I should know! Rang labour ward twice last night as was having bad period pains (not bh, been having those for months and was different) every ten mins. She wasn't bothered. Two paracetamol and bed was her advice. I swear they don't want you up there unless the baby's head is hanging out!
Anyway, wore off after about 8 hours so I guess it was a false start! Has made me nervous incase I leave it late for the real thing thinking it's another repeat.

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