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1st baby born early, will 2nd be early too?

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amyjaney1984 Fri 01-Aug-14 22:59:24

My daughter was born at 37 weeks. I am now 30 weeks pregnant with my second baby. Is this one likely to be early too, or is there no correlation?

ambercheyenne63 Sat 02-Aug-14 08:31:35

37 weeks technically isn't early. You would have been considered full term at that gestation. But no just because you had an "early" delievery with the first child doesn't mean you'll have it again. In the end though its all up to the baby.

noblegiraffe Sat 02-Aug-14 08:48:19

My DSis had her first at 37 weeks and went overdue with her second. She found it quite tough as she was essentially pregnant for an extra month over what she expected.

PastaBow Sat 02-Aug-14 18:38:36

My 1st was late..... My 2nd was even later which came as a real shock.

I wasn't prepared to pass the point where DD had been born. I really thought my DS would have arrived before then owing to the 'seconds are earlier' nonsense.

Hopefully you won't have a long wait but prepare yourself better than I did if you can!

sabbby82 Sat 02-Aug-14 18:48:45

37 weeks with ds1, 39+5 with ds2, was convinced ds2 was going to be early too but no luck.

Matildasmam22 Sat 02-Aug-14 18:51:26

It depends statistically you are more likely to have another early birth if you have already had one. The nurses in the neonatal told me they saw a lot of the same parents back a year later. I had DD1 at 41 weeks DD2 30 weeks and DS1 stillborn at 17 weeks.

Heathcliff27 Sat 02-Aug-14 18:51:28

1st, 39 weeks
2nd 40-1
3rd 41+6

TheOnlySeven Fri 08-Aug-14 10:46:03

I was told by my consultant that if you've had a premature birth the risk of another is 15%, if you've had two the risk is still only 30%.

PenguinsHatchedAnEgg Fri 08-Aug-14 10:58:22

Premature birth risk increases if you have had previous ones. Just being 'early within term' doesn't seem to mean much though. My friend was 37 weeks with no.1 and 42 weeks with no. 2, just as an anecdote.

frankiebuns Fri 08-Aug-14 12:54:31

My friend from work had her dd 6 weeks early her second pregnancy she was told that prepare for early but he was 2 weeks late

plentyofshoes Sat 09-Aug-14 19:04:16

Depends on the reasons why with the first.
Stats say you have an increased chance. You either give birth at the same time or a couple of weeks either side. I was 7 weeks early with both of mine, so I have done quite alot of reading up on it.
You were well over 35 weeks so I would not panic.

ImNotAFlower Sat 09-Aug-14 20:22:00

DD-35 weeks
DS- 38+5 and still waiting.... I'm finding it really tough, I think my subconscious was sure he would be early too! This pregnant sucks, and there could be another 3 weeks <small sob>

spud28 Sat 09-Aug-14 21:20:50

1st 37 wks
2nd 41 + 1

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