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looking for obstetrician for a private birth at Lindo Wing/st Mary

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DoraNora Sat 05-Jan-19 19:41:25

Tom Setchell delivered my baby recently and he was absolutely fantastic. Would recommend him a thousand times over.

BB19 Fri 04-Jan-19 19:02:23

Hi, I know it's been a while, who did you end up going with and why? I'm in the same situation now as you were four years ago.

SweetMaman2014 Sun 22-Jun-14 07:19:22

Hi all, i am 13weeks and due my second baby for the 22nd December and despite going for nhs for my first birth, i will go private this time as i want someone a doctor to follow up from start to end with accountability.
I chose Lindo wing given they have the facilities in case sthg go wrong. I am normaly followed up by Claire Mellon which i find exceptional! But she is on holidays during Christmas. I have been recommanded a few names but struggle finding persons who had experience with them. Does anyone of you can give feedback on William Dennes, chrissie Yu or Tom Setchell? Anyone else you could recommend? It is such an important choice...

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