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Consultants at Birmingham Women's Hospital

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Molotov Sat 14-Jun-14 16:10:15

I had my last baby (dd2) by my first ELCS (maternal request) in April 2012 at BWH.

Everything went really well with the birth and my recovery - no long term issues, lovely neat scar and no overhang.

Part of me thinks that if I become pg again, I should request the same consultant because it all went so well last time.

But, he gave me such a hard time granting the ELCS. I'm worried about facing him again if I requested him to do a repeat ELCS blush

So, does anyone have experience with consultants and ELCSs at BWH? Who would ypu recommend? How neat was their handiwork?


Molotov Sun 15-Jun-14 20:45:38


WooItsAGhostCat Sun 15-Jun-14 21:08:55

You can request a consultant, doesn't necessarily mean you'll get that one though.
Getting a second CS should be easy though now you've had one.
I've worked with a lot of the consultants at BWH in the past, they were all good. There is one female, gynae consultant I'm not keen on, but she might not be there anymore.
TBH it's not usually the consultants that do the stitching anyway, it's the registrars or SHOs

Molotov Mon 16-Jun-14 09:30:52

Thanks Ghost smile

The consultant who delivered my dd2 is very senior, teaches Ob/Gyn and has a very low infection record (you might be able to guess who he is - I just don't want to name him here). He said he would deliver dd, and he did. Obviously, I know I couldn't guarantee that again, but if I could choose, my sensible head says 'choose him'.

I really liked him and have been delighted with my healing and outcomes from the CS. It's just the thought of requesting another CS if he was against it. I found it difficult to argue when I was feeling vulnerable anyway.

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