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Natural birth AND C-Section twins recovery

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Treecreeper Wed 07-May-14 09:51:18


I'm on my second day at home now after being rushed into hospital last week with a bleed and ruptured waters. My twin baby girls decided that it was time to enter the world at 29 weeks. Both girls are doing well and are on the neonatal unit at our local hospital.

First little girl was born naturally with just gas and air, second one refused to come out and I ended up with an emergency c section. Now at home trying to cope with c- section recovery, some stitches down below from the natural birth, and the fact that my babies aren't here with me.

Husband is being a total rock who I couldn't live without, so I am very lucky in that respect, my mom is also being amazing but I just feel totally hopeless. I ache physically and mentally everywhere, I can't get comfortable to sleep, but am equally so tired. I'm trying to express milk to take in for my girls, I was doing so well with it even on the 2nd day post birth but now I'm starting to struggle, possibly because I'm so tired.

Has anyone else had experiences like this? How did you cope with it all?


AlwaysDancing1234 Wed 07-May-14 10:27:57

No personal experience of a birth like yours but just wanted to send you some un-mumsnetty hugs. thanks
Congratulations on the birth of your twins and sorry to hear you are having a rough time.
Make sure you look after yourself as much as you can, don't be afraid to ask your midwife or GP for help with painkillers if you need it. Hope your babies will be at home with you soon.

Poppet45 Wed 07-May-14 10:55:42

Hi Treecreeper If u post in the premature birth section of parenting you'll find a host of us who have dealt with the strange and scary world of parenting in the nicu. We know the highs and lows, shock, and how to handle a breast pump. Hugs. My 27 weeker spent 81 days in the scbu, 885g at her smallest. She's now almost three but the experience never totally leaves you. She bf for two years so dont give up hope on that score either. Wishing you strength and a fair wind.

Treecreeper Wed 07-May-14 11:46:55

Thank you both, feeling better after some more sleep and breakfast and a cuddle with the hubby. I will repost in that section. Wasn't really with it this morning confused
Called up the NICU and they have had a good night so that's cheered me too

Skimiss Wed 07-May-14 17:15:02

Hi Treecreeper.
I had a very similar experience, with twins born at 33 weeks 18 months ago. - 1st one by forceps with episiotomy and second an hour later by emergency c-sec.
They moved them to a different hospital the next day, and I got discharged so that I could be with them. Have to say, sitting on a post natal ward, or being at home without your babies is the worst feeling in the world! Much more painful than any physical discomfort!
Rest assured that it will get better!
Every day your babies will get stronger and stronger, until they are ready to come home with you. It is really tough, and I felt a lot like I was being tested to see if I was going to be a fit mother when they were in NICU (completely stupid to feel like that, no one was judging me, they were actually fab). Also, don't forget that your hormones will be going haywire right now, and emotionally you are likely to be very up and down.
Keep going with the expressing - I liked to think that providing my twins with milk was one of the only things that I could actually do for them myself whilst they were still in hospital, and it is vital to keep going with that if you want to breastfeed them when they are ready.
It took my twins 2 1/2 weeks to be strong enough and get the hang of feeding before they came home (we were very lucky) and we never looked back since.
Good luck!

Errrr2012 Thu 08-May-14 18:40:50

Hi treecreeper, that sounds really tough. No twins here but I had a 31 week premmie 2 years ago. The weird world of NICU is a real shock to the system but staff were fab and very supportive, esp about breastfeeding. I often thought I would give up and it was definitely tough but I gave myself a target of expressing or bf until his due date. By the time I got there it was so much easier, my body knew what to expect, and I ended up bfing until he was 9 months (actual). The positive side of having prem babies (there are definitely some, which may sound insensitive but it's true) are that you can rest and recover without having to carry your babies around and you know that they are being really well cared for in the meantime. I have to say I think I cried on every member of staff going, often over the smallest things but that was hormones, shock and dealing with the whole situation I was thrown into but didn't expect at all. I recommend getting in touch with your nearest Bliss rep as they were also absolutely fab moral support. Good luck and take care x

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