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Trying other traditional methods of induction the night before a sweep [ahem]

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I know you're not supposed to have sex the night before a smear test as the semen is still in there and will muck up the sample. So, should I abstain the night before a sweep? Purely for etiquette reasons smile

I'm going for a sweep tomorrow but have been quite crampy so was keen to try a direct hit of prostaglandin later if I can be bothered, DH is definitely keen. I'm thinking of embarrassing residue on the obstetrician's glove. WWYD?

Blithereens Wed 23-Apr-14 14:55:54

Use a condom?

That would defeat the purpose.

NomDeClavier Wed 23-Apr-14 14:58:31

Using a condom completely defeats the point of having sex to induce labour. I wouldn't worry - the glove will be peeled off and flipped into the bin ASAP anyway.

Blithereens Wed 23-Apr-14 14:58:36

I was trying (and failing) for a joke. Heh.

I'm sure the obstetrician has had grosser things on their glove. Go for it! wink

Prostaglandin is a substance found in high concentrations in semen that is used in hospitals (in artificial form!) to induce labour. That's why sex is said to get things moving if your cervix is favourable.

Ah ok smile

I suppose I can just whistle innocently throughout the experience and hope the doc is not crude enough to mention it wink

Fairypants Wed 23-Apr-14 23:07:52

I'm sure the dr has seen it all before.
I understand an important element of this method of induction is the female orgasm - the twitches can trigger the uterus to start contracting so make sure you have fungrin

DH took one for the team when I was expecting dd2 (twice blush) - I went into labour about 2 hours later. I hope you have the same luck with it.

It hasn't worked and we did it right and everything. I said we had to make a good effort as if it did work it would be the last for a while smile

So now for the sweep.

Sweep not working yet either! Come on cervix. The cooker is clean for once and I am ready to go.

Elastigrrrl Fri 25-Apr-14 11:37:11

Nipple tweaking (if you haven't had enough from the sex)? Out of all the research I've read, that's the self-starter mechanism with the most evidence behind it. Haven't tried it though.

Nipple tweaking?! Well it's worth a try. My 3yo DS still has a bedtime bf, wonder if that counts. It hasn't worked so far though. Have had another day of aches, cramps and nausea not coming to anything.

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