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really worried now about growth

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sianilovesbeingamummy Mon 15-Apr-13 08:21:25

I am due my third growth scan in the next couple of days and i am starting to get really worried about it all now..... i am 36 plus 3 but i am only measuring 31cm at a push and admittedly looking very small, but i am only small, however, when i went to tesco yesterday morning i had 4 different people comment on how small i was with only having 3weeks left until delivery, i am booked for a section 7th may, 3 weeks tomorrow...... anyway, when ending conversation with a couple of people the last thing they said to me was "best of luck", which usually isn't a bad thing, obviously, but it was the way they said it..... their eyes were full of concern, as if they couldn't believe i was going to have this baby in 3weeks time...... am i just being crazy hormonal pregnant lasy or am i right to worry? i mysself feel as though littlen has stopped growing and tomake things worse my morning sickness has made a rather unwelcomed appearance making it very difficult for me to keep anything down, surely this isn't good...... i had horrendous morning sickness right through my pregnancy everyday from 18weeks to 30weeks, unable to keep most things down..... i haven't gained a great deal of weight myself this time round but it really is starting to worry me now as if baby has stopped growing i get the feeling the docs are going to want her delivered sooner rather than later..... i know they will only do what is best for bubs i just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this at all xxx

NorthernLurker Mon 15-Apr-13 08:24:46

No exp[erience but much sympathy. It's very hard when everybody has an opinion! It doesn't matter what you look like. Some women look small but deliver huge babies. That said you are having the scans to give you a better idea of what's happening. If the baby's growth gives concern then yes they will want her out asap. You're 36 weeks plus, she may be small but she's likely to have no other issues and if her growth is stalling then she would be safer out. You just need to go with it I think. Some time in the nex three weeks your baby will arrive. Keep your mind on that.

sianilovesbeingamummy Mon 15-Apr-13 09:59:26

thanks, yes this is what i keep focusing on..... at least i have that in mind that no-matter what she will be here b the 7th May and i won't have to wait around...... it is difficult when people voice their opinions, i just don't think they realise what a worry it is to us when pregnant, thanks again x

Sunnysummer Mon 15-Apr-13 10:09:21

People often mean it as a compliment - so many women get really freaked out about getting huge, so people say 'you're tiny' thinking it'll be flattering... But as I also know, when you've had growth issues that is not any kind of flattery or reassurance!

Without having been there, I suspect that people didn't have any secret meaning or even concern in their eyes when they said 'good luck', they just meant good luck! It's so easy for us to overthink or over-interpret things when we are focussed on our mum-to-be worries, but most people are just trying to be nice.

Hope your growth scan goes really well tomorrow, and in the meantime I hope that you are able to spend the next few weeks relaxing and eating plenty of nutritious food for the two of you smile

BumbleBee2011 Mon 15-Apr-13 10:10:00

Awww OP, I was measuring small with DD, the MW booked me in for a scan and I actually cried in front of her...DH was skeptical as I was getting different measurements depending on who was doing it, he certainly thought they were overreacting.

Scan went fine, there was nothing to be worried about, they booked me another one at 41+1 and she was born the day before! She was only a little thing at 6lbs, which everyone commented on, however I'm not very big and the MW did comment that when I held her she looked perfectly in proportion with her mummy.

So don't worry - if anything try to enjoy the scans, it's always nice to have a peek at the baby smile

(Also try not to worry too much about weight gain after birth, my HC team were really annoying as DD wasn't gaining that quickly, it nearly put me off BFing but luckily I stuck with it, a few months later she'd caught up anyway!)

Hope you can enjoy the last weeks, take care.

thepartysover Mon 15-Apr-13 11:16:06

I measured small with my son... he turned out to be a 9lb baby! Measuring small again this time but trying not to worry about it. It is difficult though, so you have my sympathy.

duchesse Mon 15-Apr-13 11:31:04

I was very trim with each of my three daughters (people still wondering whether I was actually pregnant or just a bit fat at 8+ months) but they were all 7.5lbs. My friend was tiny and produced a 10lber (although friend is 5ft9). Depends on amount of water, how the baby is lying, the configuration of your pelvis etc...

babybythesea Tue 16-Apr-13 09:48:58

Someone else who had a very small bump.
To the extent that I bumped into an old friend on my way to my 40 week checkup and she didn't realise I was pregnant. They worried about it so much I had two emergency scans because I went for routine appts and they got concerned and sent me for scans immediately, no delay - quite scary!
DD was 7 pounds 9 ounces.

I'm also measuring small again (baby due on Friday) and have had growth scans but although it's coming in under average, the baby is moving and I'm not worried. We get an average by people being both above and below a middle point but they're still all normal - I just happen to be underneath it, is how I try to look at it!

lotsofcheese Tue 16-Apr-13 10:30:35

I'm another one measuring small & fed up with people's comments.

I'm probably over-sensitive about it, having had a previous IUGR baby prematurely.

I was measured last week at 33cm at 35 weeks. I'm due another growth scan tomorrow & all will be revealed.

I think I'm smaller as my fluid levels are a bit less than average (9's in last few scans). Also baby is breech so when I was measured the largest part of my bump was missed.

Please try not to take it too personally - I think people approach it from an ignorance point of view - not having been through this themselves.

I have never commentated on someone's bump - but somehow it makes you public property!

Good luck with your scan x

AMR73 Tue 16-Apr-13 10:36:55

I was measuring small throughout my pregnancy and had to go for regular scans. Towards the end of the pregnancy, my amniotic fluid was on the low side but healthy baby was born at 40 +1 at 8lb 4oz! There are lots of possible reasons for measuring small, not all of them bad. If baby moving about a lot and heartrate normal, that would indicate that he is ok but the scan will give a better indication of how he is doing.

sianilovesbeingamummy Wed 17-Apr-13 11:15:32

Scan went ok yesterday but they still arent overly happy with ther growth..... she has only grown 5mm in 3weeks but as she has grown they are happy to keep my pregnancy going..... i think any rash decision will be made at 38weeks..... i have consultant next wednesday and he will make the final decision then really the doc in the hosiptal was happy for me to go home and attend my consultation next week...... they feel he will send me for another scan before making the final decision...... i know this is all for the good health of my baby but with a 17month toddler it is difficult to arrange childcare as my family work full time and their isn't really anyone else about to help out, his dad will not take time off wrk in order to watch him either, this is a totally different thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he movements are fine and she seems happy in there to me........ i have now been told that i muct rest as much as possible which is all well and good but again with a hypo 17mth old rest periods dont come very ofter and he doesnt really have a kip in the day anymore as he sleeps 14hours at night!!!!!!!!!! i honestly never thought things would be this difficult second time around..... lack of support i suppose doesnt help either, kids dad isnt the most suppostive of people and sometimes he is like a big kid himself,....... yet again, this is another thread all together...... i am just feeling really down this morning and my littlen is really playing up too, he had his first real temper tantrum and he just screamed for about 30mins straight..... i felt like screaming back at him but i knew he was only doing it for attention so i just ignored it...... how i havent given birth through high stress levels is beyond me it really is but i try my best to stay calm, sometimes it isnt as easy as you think though,lol xxx

mummytopoppy1 Wed 17-Apr-13 21:36:00

I measured small the whole way through, had a very small bump and everyone I saw said how tiny I was and was I sure about my dates!! Even the midwife told me during labour that it was going to be a little bubba. 40 +1 and out comes my healthy 8lb 7oz DD :-)

BumbleBee2011 Wed 17-Apr-13 22:05:49

Hi OP, sorry you're having such a hard time on top of it all sad

I'm 30 weeks with DD2, DD1 is 21 mth old and is quite a handful. DH has hardly been at home at all this week through work and I've not been well, had a bit of a meltdown this evening with it all so get where you're coming from.

Do you have any friends who could help give you a break, even if it's on an evening? I agree it's ridiculous saying "get some rest" to someone with a toddler - but there might be something you can do? Maybe over the weekend get your DP to take the LO out for a bit too, you definitely sound like you could do with a couple of hours off at least.

Take care

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