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6 weeks after giving birth - am I doing too much?

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eagleray Wed 13-Mar-13 18:44:06

DD is just over 6 weeks old now and feel we are doing fairly well after a not-so-great start (forceps/episiostomy birth followed by weight loss/tongue tie/feeding problems).

I've been mix feeding (formula top up at every feed initially) but have been cutting down gradually and in the last few days the BF has ramped up quite a bit and the formula has been cut down further.

Anyway, all bleeding had stopped by last week and then this week (possibly around the time of increased BF) it started to come back.

Yesterday I was out and about shopping with the pram and walked 10km without realising. Not a big issue as we tend to get out and about every day (but don't normally walk quite as far). Didn't really feel it at the time, but then felt exhausted in the night when DD woke up (to the point where I could barely cope) and the bleeding is now quite heavy. I've felt pretty crappy today, certainly not up to leaving the house to walk anywhere!

So, what I was wondering was, am I overdoing it? I'm a bit puzzled as don't feel I've done enough to overstretch myself, but my body seems to be reacting that way. And could the return of the bleeding be caused by the extra walking yesterday, or the increase in BF?

Feeling rather pathetic as hoped to start going to an exercise class this week (one where you exercise with your baby/buggy) but now thinking I should leave it confused Has anyone else felt like this, and how long does it take to feel up to exercising again?

MightBeMad Wed 13-Mar-13 18:48:56

Op it can be normal to get stop-start bleeding and your body has been through a huge amount very recently so certainly not unusual to feel exhausted after unaccustomed levels of exercise but occasionally prolonged/heavier bleeding can be a sign that a bit of the placenta has been retained. This could pass naturally but can also pose a risk of infection (and as you're finding, prolonged bleeding is frustrating!). So I'd say it's worth going to your gp and asking to be checked out.

Congrats on your new baby! smile

Zoomania Wed 13-Mar-13 18:49:56

Wow you put me to shame....took me ages to manage a 1 mile walk into town due to sore bits and anaemia. I guess everyone is different and the important thing is listening to your body. If you have stepped up bf are you eating and drinking more too? Perhaps you need to rest and recharge for a few days and see how you feel next week?

Just a thought, lots of people get their first period at 6 weeks ish... Do you think it could be that?

Zoomania Wed 13-Mar-13 18:51:30

Agree with mightbemad re checking out possibility of retained placenta if not settling or if fever etc

eagleray Thu 14-Mar-13 12:24:47

Thanks for replying - today the bleeding has abruptly stopped! I also feel a lot better, possibly because I made an effort to get some extra sleep (10pm til 8am with a couple of feeds in between). If the bleeding starts again I will get it checked out as it's really tedious, and I definitely don't want a retained placenta...

It took me ages to feel well enough to function like a human again (coudn't sit down for the first couple of weeks and felt like I had flu) so probably need to pace myself a bit more as it's still only a few weeks since the birth.

I did wonder about the period thing as had some increased bleeding at 4 weeks too (but not nearly as bad as this current bout) but is probably unlikely in my case.

Am trying not to eat extra as have a lot of weight to lose, and am terrible at drinking enough, but will make concerted efforts on that front...

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