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HELP! Labour stopped, 1cm dilated. Been 4 days. Poss pre-eclampsia.

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Meamomma Sat 16-Feb-13 19:01:09

Hi Anko, praying for you x

GrandPoohBah Sat 16-Feb-13 04:46:48

I had preeclampsia and they induced me at 38+4. It's possible they're hoping for it to happen naturally? NICE guidelines suggest getting baby out ASAP post 37 weeks if preeclampsia is suspected.

Rooneyisalwaysmoaning Thu 14-Feb-13 09:01:44

I don't know much about PE but from what I know, it sounds like you have some fairly strong indicators going on and I am surprised they let you go home.
I hope someone comes along who can advise you better.

Anko13 Thu 14-Feb-13 08:53:45

im 38 + 4wks preg. Labour started on sun 4 days ago. Plug gone, having contractions for abt 8 hrs they went down to abt 5 mins apart midwife came out to assess me. said i was 1cm dilated and cervix soft. told to wait till contractions get stronger and have some rest. went to bed contractions stopped.

next day baby moving less so had to go into hosp. they checked me over and said showing signs of pre-eclampsia. bp is up and liver levels in blood up. baby put on monitor and checked baby ok. asked to come back at end of wk (tomorrow) to be checked again. still 1 cm dilated. sent home.

next day at home baby didnt move much at all. contractions started again. abt 20 mins apart and stronger. burning sensation in downstairs area. pains in top of tummy where bump and boobs meet. told to go back in to hosp again. bp and bloods done again both were still up. was given option to stay overnight and be monitored or go home. (by this point was nearly midnight and i wanted my own bed so went home).

next day at home nothing to much happened tried the usual to help move things along. had a lot of pressure downstairs during day. went to bed. woke up around 2ish with sharp contractions. managed to get some sleep between but kept waking up for contractions. stayed in bed as i guessed they would prob stop again (for 3rd time). this only lasted few hrs. then contractions stopped again.

woke up this morn no more contractions.

ive got to go into hosp tomorrow for them to check me over again and i have to keep an eye on warning signs for preeclampsia. both hosp visits 2 consultants have said they will prob give me a sweep tomorrow.

is it poss they will induce me soon or will they keep me waiting longer. im scratching the walls here. =[

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