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Panicking about VBAC, but petrified about a 2nd c section...

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loveroflife Tue 29-Jan-13 14:38:22

I had a bad first birth with ds. Hind waters broke and I was kept in hospital for 3 days and then had an induction, with pessary and drip etc. Very slow progress for 2 days and eventually had an emergency c section after getting stuck at 6cm. SLow recovery from that etc - all in all, a negative experience,

However, I can choose now to go through with a VBAC or request a c section. My biggest fear is going through everything I did with my first birth and then having to have an emergency c section again. I have been advised that I can book an elcs which is a kinder, gentler, experience?

I have some questions that I would be very grateful if any wise mn'etters could answer as my midwife is very pro VBAC and not interested in answering c section questions...

What's the latest you can book the ELCS for? Can you wait until 40 weeks or do they prefer you to have it earlier?

Do they cut through the existing scar or make a new incision?

Is it harder to breastfeed with an elcs because the milk is delayed because the body hasn't gone through labour?

Because of complications afterwards I had about a week in hospital with ds. What's the 'estimated' recovery time for an elcs as I now have a toddler to think about.

Sorry, for all the questions. I'm having sleepless nights over what decision to make and need to come to a conclusion soon.

Thank you

Ninjacat Wed 30-Jan-13 09:01:25

I have a elcs booked in three weeks time at 40 weeks.
Although I have agreed to vbac if bubs decides to come before then the closer things get the less I want to vbac and almost wish I was booked for 38 weeks.
This is dc3, ds1 got stuck and had forceps and episiotomy, ds2 got stuck and had emcs so just can't see how this time would be any better but consultant seems pretty keen on vbac.
Other 2 came at 42 weeks so hoping this one can hold on to the 40 week deadline.
Best of luck with your decision.

loveroflife Wed 30-Jan-13 19:25:23

Moom, I'm 30 weeks (feeling 40 weeks!)

Yes, I'm keen to hold on as long as possible if I go for the elcs but that might mean going overdue, so I will have to see what their policy is.

I'm also trying to persuade DH to let me have a private room the second night after the op if we go for this. My ward last time was like a sauna and getting the worst bay facing the wall not the window, I'm sure was a big factor in how depressed I felt.

The hospital say you can't have a private room the night of the op as it's too far to reach the emergency pull cord and they need to monitor you on ward, which has made me start thinking that I might be a little isolated if I do decide to go in the following evening.

So many things to think about at the moment, need to stop worrying.

Great to read everyone's experiences - thank you for that.

Moominsarescary Wed 30-Jan-13 20:16:46

My consultant is a real advocate of vbac if that's what you want, so I have been very lucky. Hopefully yours will be the same.

I'm hoping to have the cs Friday and be home for Sunday. I also felt really depressed and totally miserable after ds3 was born. I spent a week on ward before he was born then 10 days after. For the last few days I was in my own room, which was much cooler and quieter.

Haggisfish Wed 30-Jan-13 21:07:49

I had an EMCS with DD1 afer three days of labour and felt awful afterwards. This time I had an ELCS at 39+4 and it was much, much better - my recovery has been much faster and I feel human again, at only 4 weeks. My OH has a full leg cast on, so for the first two weeks when I came out of hospital, we had a mum (his or mine) stay with us full time to help, especially when DD1 got out of bed at night and with baths. However, at two weeks, I could drive again and do pretty much everything - we got home delivery shopping to make it easier. I do think 'hmm, could I have VBACed?' and am slightly wistful that I'll never experience a vaginal birth, but for me the waiting and not knowing over christmas and New Year would have been horrendous.

The operation was fine (I had a wobble going in, but the staff were used to it and were really lovely) and DS1 was fine, too - squawked immediately and BF immediately, too. I was up the day after my CS, and home the third day after. I was on a shared ward and it was lovely, actually - all second time Mums and really quiet babies - I like to hear a bit of noise around me, so would not have wanted a private room. The thought of a complicated VBAC, with forceps etc was enough to put me off. Poor woman opposite me had gone for VBAC - got all the way to pushing baby on gas and air alone and then baby got stuck - he had to be pushed back (eeek!) and she ended up with a EMCS again.

My area (Worcestershire) had a specialist VBAC midwife, who supported me in my request for an ELCS and arranged for me to meet my anaethetist two weeks before to reassure me and arranged for me to be first on the operating list for the day, to make me less anxious.

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