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Failed Epidural - Can you help Mears...?

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dejags Thu 15-Jan-04 12:51:50

Sorry to be a pain Mears but I was really wondering if you could comment on my situation. When I had my first child I asked for an epidural - it was put in twice and both times failed. It did not provide any pain relief at all but did result in a little bit of 'paralysis' in one leg. I found the procedure so uncomfortable and nerve wracking that I would never do it again - the pain of labour was agonising but I would far rather manage with no drugs than try for another epidural.

I am now pregnant again and my question is - is what happens if I medically require a c-section. I understand that in this scenario I would need an epidural and would have no problem having it - what would happen if it didn't work again. Are there are any alternatives - or would this mean I would need a general anaesthetic?

Thanks in advance

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