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Tongue tie: what do I need to know?

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Graciescotland Wed 28-Nov-12 16:51:54

Midwife spotted DS2 has a tongue tie today (he's five days old) she was hopeful that they might be able to sneak me into a clinic tomorrow (paed comes up from Edinburgh twice a week) but as I haven't heard anything it probably won't be till next week.

He's lost nearly nine ounces which is ok as percentage body weight but since I'm unlikely to see paed until day 11 I'm worried about further weight loss. BF going ok off right breast but not from the left the nipple is a bit of a blistered, mangled mess just can't seem to get the latch.

Any advice?

nextphase Wed 28-Nov-12 18:48:53

Can i suggest reposting on breast and bottle feeding? there are loads of really knowledgeable people over there.

We got both tied son's tongues divided, and would do so again. DS1 didn't get back to above birth weight til a week after the division, done at 3 weeks.

Some people will tell you to stay clear of them, but nipple shields can be a life saver if your in pain.

Have you tried a rugby ball for the left side?

BuntyCollocks Wed 28-Nov-12 23:24:01

I second nipple shields. Lots of lansinoh. Nipple former if your nipples are a bit 'flat'.

JackieBFC Fri 30-Nov-12 14:48:12

Hi - so sorry to hear baby has a tongue tie but well done to your midwife for spotting it so quickly. It needs to be treated equally quickly so you can get breastfeeding back on track, save your nipples and get baby's weight going in the right direction. I would try to ring your community midwife, tell her you have not had an appointment for division and see if she can chase it up or give you the number to do so yourself. If you are struggling and cannot find help locally try ringing the National Breastfeeding Helpline, number should be in your child health book. Also these are the dividers both NHS and private:

lollystix Sun 02-Dec-12 09:07:57

Weight loss after birth can be normal so not sure if the tongue tie is the issue there. Breastfeeding is not easy - tool me three weeks to establish with DS1. TT with DS2 and DS4. Sorted at 5 weeks with DS2 (midwife didn't spot it but feeding not an issue). DS4 was done in 4 days (both in Edinburgh). 5 days was less distressing than 5 weeks. Even after the cut on DS4 he stil hurt me to feed - bizarre as he was only one and my fourth.

If you are really sore could you try and express and use a bottle for every other feed. i know MWs all say you shouldn't introduce bottles as you'll confuse then but I did some expressed with all of mine (DS1 out of necessity as he couldn't latch on) and others as I wanted to have some flexibilty. never confused any of them.

Good luck with it.

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