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What happened here - baby being pulled?

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marylou123 Wed 24-Oct-12 14:30:31

Just a question, I'm not sure if anyone's got the answer or not. I'm just interested. When I had DD (normal birth), all was fine until her head was out then the midwife pulled her - so much that apparently I slid down the bed. I admit I was a little out of it on G&A so can't remember much about it.

I didn't really push for DD - my body seemed to push her out by itself, including the head. Anyway, her head came out and things stalled a little. It turns out DD's hand was up by her face. All of a sudden the two midwives got very stressed and the one in charge shouted at the other to turn on the light. They pulled DD at this point (I'm not sure what by) and I slid down the bed a bit. They then shouted at me to push - one had noticed I'd not been pushing. I pushed and the rest of her came out. There was no damage to either of us fortunately. The midwives were both very nice, had been doing the job for years, and I don't have any complaints about how I was looked after.

I got hold of my birth notes but it's not mentioned in there. I'm not traumatised or anything, just interested. I always thought they weren't supposed to pull babies? I do know the doctors were all busy so they wouldn't have had anyone to call for help if there was a problem. Any ideas?

bramblina Wed 24-Oct-12 21:30:51

Sorry this is not very relevant exactly but I was sent back down to mat ward while in established labour then went back to labour ward- the whole time I was in mat ward was not recorded and my 1st stage of labour was recorded as just the amount of time I was back on labour ward for the 2nd time- hour and a half which really should prob read 4 hours or so. Not really a problem either but I know what you mean, it's not right and you should be able to trust these people to record the truth, or if not then why can they not record the truth?

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